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Archive: Multiple: One Rogue, Many Identities - Greedo’s Awesome Epic Backstory

Entire archive of comic images for Multiple: One Rogue, Many Identities - Greedo’s Awesome Epic Backstory - 234 strips: 42 MB zip file.

Backstory 1: Subsist Full Of Dolours
Backstory 2: A Case of Taken Identity
Backstory 3: Cops and Slobbers
Backstory 4: A Crime of Portion
Backstory 5: The Mother of Dramas
Backstory 6: Is This a Kissing Backstory?
Backstory 7: Oh Baby Don’t Hurt Me
Backstory 8: Make Me Up, Before Imago-go
Backstory 9: Never Forget
Backstory 10: Delete-Alt-Control
Backstory 11: We Will, We Will Rock You
Backstory 12: Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
Backstory 13: Death Will Rise, Hear My Cry
Backstory 14: The Mod Squad
Backstory 15: Cut Android
Backstory 16: The Short and Winding Road
Backstory 17: Wallet to Wheel Car Putting
Backstory 18: Too Sexy for My Speeder
Backstory 19: Dogged Pursuit
Backstory 20: Terminal Ferocity
Backstory 21: Pair of Dice: Lost
Backstory 22: Crazy Like: A Fuel
Backstory 23: Would She Doubt? Baddy Cool
Backstory 24: Forward Troubles; It’s a Ploy; Lock the Gate Door, Oh Boy!
Backstory 25: Doo, Doo, Doo, Lookin’ Back Out My Door
Backstory 26: Five-Year Enlistment
Backstory 27: Chi’ra, Prince of Power
Backstory 28: Hell is War
Backstory 29: Double Shot; Express No
Backstory 30: Captain Bombastic and the Brown Mud Cowboy
Backstory 31: Walkers, Cheese, and Off-the-Script
Backstory 32: The Proof of the Penning is in the Reading
Backstory 33: New and I’m Proved
Backstory 34: Identity Operator
Backstory 35: Trust Fall Guy
Backstory 36: Snooty and the Beast
Backstory 37: Seeing Things From a New Dangle
Backstory 38: Chain Reaction
Backstory 39: Slip Slidin’ Away
Backstory 40: Back on the Chain; Whang!
Backstory 41: The Grease Monkey
Backstory 42: Think Twice Before Thinking
Backstory 43: Don’t Shed the Grime if You Won’t Do the Crime
Backstory 44: A Zoom With a View
Backstory 45: Girder, He Wrote
Backstory 46: Frigid Logic
Backstory 47: Do You Want to Build a Snow Plan?
Backstory 48: Enfys Nest Syndrome
Backstory 49: Bond; Flames Bond
Backstory 50: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!
Backstory 51: A Kiss Before Fortifying
Backstory 52: Wham Gap! (Destroy What You Do)
Backstory 53: Commuter Glitch
Backstory 54: Train of Fuels
Backstory 55: A Good Day to Fly Hard
Backstory 56: Ranging of the Guard
Backstory 57: The Rumble and the Bungle
Backstory 58: Footfall Attraction
Backstory 59: Bionical Mask of Fright
Backstory 60: Why Don’t You Come to Your Senses?
Backstory 61: May the Foreshadow Be With You
Backstory 62: Troll Model
Backstory 63: Battle-Snake Shake
Backstory 64: Rio Danger Near-o
Backstory 65: When My Wookiee Smiles at Me
Backstory 66: Moving Target
Backstory 67: Another Fine Mess
Backstory 68: Another Trick in the Wall
Backstory 69: Hitting the Fan
Backstory 70: Cable Ties That Bind
Backstory 71: Every RPG Puzzle Ever
Backstory 72: Got to Get You Onto My Knife
Backstory 73: Pinned and Needled
Backstory 74: After-Doom Tea
Backstory 75: Oh, Schist!
Backstory 76: Chicken and Beg Situation
Backstory 77: On the Rocks
Backstory 78: Punching It Up a Bit
Backstory 79: Who’s the Vos?
Backstory 80: Some Like it Yacht
Backstory 81: It’s Pronounced “Throatwobbler-Mangrove”
Backstory 82: Toht: Gun Maverick
Backstory 83: Coat Check
Backstory 84: The Dagger Bar
Backstory 85: Bar Sinister
Backstory 86: A Meeting of Equals
Backstory 87: Gulp Fiction
Backstory 88: Spelling Plea
Backstory 89: The Consciousness of the Ring
Backstory 90: Future Perfect
Backstory 91: The Boy Who Declined “Wolf”
Backstory 92: It’s an Unfair Cop
Backstory 93: You Must Acquit
Backstory 94: Holler for a Marshal
Backstory 95: Ivory Power
Backstory 96: Robot Saws
Backstory 97: The Promised Lando
Backstory 98: Lines of Credit
Backstory 99: Earning the Tables
Backstory 100: The Luck of the Cad
Backstory 101: Double or Bluffing
Backstory 102: The Night of Staves
Backstory 103: Congratulations; Law ’n’ Order
Backstory 104: Alleging Your Bets
Backstory 105: You All Meet in a Bar
Backstory 106: Unarmed Fighting
Backstory 107: The First Time Ever I Clawed Your Face
Backstory 108: It’s Payback Time
Backstory 109: Losing Ships in the Night
Backstory 110: Stealing Fenced Goods
Backstory 111: Possession is Somewhat Related to the Law
Backstory 112: That’s Not How The Force Works
Backstory 113: Weazel Words
Backstory 114: He Knows His Way in the Dark
Backstory 115: Escape Gloom
Backstory 116: Colliderscopic
Backstory 117: Hollow Chess
Backstory 118: Hears the Plan
Backstory 119: A Singularity Bad Idea
Backstory 120: Attack of the Groans
Backstory 121: The Cast Reaction Zero
Backstory 122: Coatroom Interruptus
Backstory 123: Way Back Story
Backstory 124: Askance Planning
Backstory 125: One Does Not Talk Simply Into Mordor
Backstory 126: Flash Warden
Backstory 127: Die Another Day
Backstory 128: Stuck in the Bastille With You
Backstory 129: Suffering Sucker Bash
Backstory 130: Not Right to Bear Arms
Backstory 131: Throw Away the Quay
Backstory 132: Snap Shackle Pop
Backstory 133: Ghost Protocol
Backstory 134: Fourth Name is a Charm
Backstory 135: Lam Blessed Up by Button
Backstory 136: That’s the Way the Wookiees Crumble
Backstory 137: Can’t Make an Umlaut Without Breaking Legs
Backstory 138: The Killing Joke
Backstory 139: Eye Spy
Backstory 140: Parody Bit
Backstory 141: You May Be My Looky Star
Backstory 142: On the Job Caning
Backstory 143: Tough Wookiees
Backstory 144: This Old World is Rough, It’s Just Getting Rougher
Backstory 145: The Times are Tough Now, Just Getting Tougher
Backstory 146: This Whole World is Out There, Just Trying to Score
Backstory 147: I’ve Had Enough; I Don’t Want to Stay Any More
Backstory 148: Hold Me in Your Arms, Let’s Let Our Love Blind Us
Backstory 149: Now Promise Me, Baby, You Won’t Let Him Bind Us
Backstory 150: Yearning to Fly
Backstory 151: Switch Hitter
Backstory 152: Death of a False-Man
Backstory 153: Awe of Attraction
Backstory 154: Tubule of Cool
Backstory 155: Meet PIEs
Backstory 156: Increasing Carbon Munitions
Backstory 157: Burning Heart
Backstory 158: Unzak and Vhila as Children?
Backstory 159: A Hit, a Very Damnable Hit
Backstory 160: Wing Ding
Backstory 161: Team Jerk
Backstory 162: Through Fire and Water
Backstory 163: Is the Inevitable Any Less Miraculous?
Backstory 164: Death Bed Digression
Backstory 165: Carbon Grating
Backstory 166: Ship Shaped
Backstory 167: Coasting Through the Deathtrap Miles
Backstory 168: We’re Out of Touch, You’re Out of Time
Backstory 169: Adding That Extra Dimension
Backstory 170: Time Flees Like an Arrow
Backstory 171: Doo Grammar Good
Backstory 172: Thinking on a Higher Plane
Backstory 173: Monster Frets; Nom!
Backstory 174: Fuelhardy
Backstory 175: Ball of Confusion When Nothing is Movin’
Backstory 176: How Now, Brown Wookiee?
Backstory 177: Crunch Time!
Backstory 178: A Land in the Sand
Backstory 179: Yule Tide
Backstory 180: Paroleplaying
Backstory 181: Pointed Right at Your Heart
Backstory 182: Mo’ to Cross
Backstory 183: The Bribe to Be
Backstory 184: Sand Bar
Backstory 185: Stirring up an Enfys Nest
Backstory 186: Proxima Sent All This
Backstory 187: Girls Just Want to Gang Run
Backstory 188: The Wrong Arm of the Law
Backstory 189: Plan It Mirth
Backstory 190: The Trouble with Angles
Backstory 191: A Patter of Faith
Backstory 192: Setting Up to Fail
Backstory 193: On Second Toht...
Backstory 194: Chain of Fools
Backstory 195: Innocent is as Innocent Does
Backstory 196: Sell Like Hot Fakes
Backstory 197: Caught in the Facts
Backstory 198: Played at Fuel Blast
Backstory 199: Vector Callousness
Backstory 200: Biting the Hand that Frees You
Backstory 201: Between Rocks and a Hard Place
Backstory 202: Third Crime’s a Charm
Backstory 203: Knows Father Best
Backstory 204: Double Sided Sticky Scrape
Backstory 205: Why the Long Fish?
Backstory 206: A Disarming Resile
Backstory 207: Flashing Blades
Backstory 208: Cutting Corners
Backstory 209: The Sword is Mightier than the Men
Backstory 210: Dryden, Cut
Backstory 211: Betrayed in Places
Backstory 212: So Long Kiss; Goodnight
Backstory 213: The Nearer Predestination, the More You’re Lift Ridin’ Away
Backstory 214: I’m Dreaming of a Wide Isthmus
Backstory 215: Wring Ring, Dryden II Give Me a Call
Backstory 216: Please, Sir, I Want Some Maul
Backstory 217: Darth Punctuated
Backstory 218: A Study in Crimson
Backstory 219: Farther Isthmus
Backstory 220: Kicked the Beckett
Backstory 221: Right, Said Freddo
Backstory 222: The Shipping Blues
Backstory 223: Carry On Isthmus
Backstory 224: The Village Vial
Backstory 225: Vial Be There For You
Backstory 226: Police Alacrity for Citizens on Parole
Backstory 227: Men Like You Can Never Change
Backstory 228: Waiting and-a Betting
Backstory 229: Luck be a Lady
Backstory 230: Putting a Ship in the Pool
Backstory 231: Lando Hope and Glory
Backstory 232: Life’s Labours Lost
Backstory 233: Kamar Nickelodeon
Backstory 234: Fortunate Teller

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