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Backstory 234: Fortunate Teller


And there you have Jim's backstory for Greedo/Han/Zeppo/etc.

We always wanted to do something with Solo ever since the movie was announced, but it took some thinking to figure out how to integrate it into the ongoing story of Episode I to IX. It was a story brimming with ideas that couldn't wait until after we'd completed Episode IX. We actually gave serious though to doing the entire film as a sepia flashback sequence in between Kylo Ren stabbing Han and Han dying. But that would have involved pausing Episode VII for ... a year and a half. So that didn't seem ideal.

The solution we came up with, as you can see, was to write and produce all of Solo and then release it in one lot as a link to "Han's backstory" after Han's death. This took a lot of work! The earliest file we have with content on Solo is dated 19 May, 2017. Yes, that's before the movie was released. We started planning and making continuity notes about Han's backstory when the movie was still in production. This quickly grew after we saw the movie in 2018.

The entire script for our version was completed some time in 2021 and the first strip of Solo was produced on 21 June, 2021, over a year before release. Publishing an entire movie at once is something that lets us experiment with a principle we have long had that the Darths & Droids stories are really intended to be read as completed stories in a single sitting. The 3-a-week episodic nature is kind of an artificial constraint imposed by production time. So it will be interesting to see how getting an entire movie in one go affects how it feels as an integrated whole.

It's been a long, hard, and super secret project. We hope you enjoyed this special presentation.


Jim: We flew off into the wild black yonder, with my lucky dice hanging on the Lady Luck’s rear-view mirror.
Jim: These are the same lucky dice I’d be hanging on the Millennium Falcon later on.
Dryden Vos: {dead} Since when have there been lucky dice hanging on the Falcon?
Jim: Oh, they were always there, you just never noticed them.
Beckett: {dead} If they’re lucky, then how come... well everything that’s ever happened around you?
Freddo: I’ma still alive, aren’t I?!
Beckett: {dead} Given what Kylo Ren just did, that’s somewhat debatable.
Jim: So, Chewbacca and I went off and blew up Lando’s ship, and had some more adventures, before we showed up in the cantina on Tatooine!
[SFX]: Whoooosshh!! {the Lady Luck jumps to lightspeed}
Enfys Nest: {not in scene} You can’t end there! It’s just getting good!
Jim: But that’s all I wrote!

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Published: Sunday, 14 August, 2022; 00:22:25 PDT.
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