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Backstory 210: Dryden, Cut

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Dryden Vos: Finish him, Qi’ra. Then we can get back to policing the sick and corrupt Imperial provinces in an appropriately sick and corrupt way.
Qi’ra: I’ve had enough! Can’t you just see it?
Jim: Qi’ra spun and slashed Dryden’s arm!
[SFX]: Slash!
Qi’ra: I’ve had enough! Of fraud and strife.
Jim: They traded blows!
[SFX]: Swing!
[SFX]: Ktang!
Qi’ra: No, sir! Not me! I guarantee it.
[SFX]: Swing!
[SFX]: Ktang!
Jim: Dryden lunged, but Qi’ra caught his petar in her sword blade!
[SFX]: Stab!
[SFX]: Ktang!
[SFX]: Wrench!
Jim: She twisted it from his grip, spun, and slammed the dagger blade deep into his chest!
[SFX]: Swing!
Qi’ra: I want much more than this provincial life!
[SFX]: Splatch!
Qi’ra: I resign!
Chewbacca: Ah, now I get it. Hoist by his own petar.
Jim: Get what?

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Published: Monday, 01 August, 2022; 21:47:53 PDT.
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