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Backstory 199: Vector Callousness

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Beckett: I came back to warn you that they were going to try bribing you with fake coaxium, to let them go free. And that the real coaxium was contaminated and worthless.
Dryden Vos: Very loyal, Beckett. But they weren’t trying to bribe me. They established their innocence and were trying to turn this real, uncontaminated coaxium over for reward money.
Beckett: What? You lied about the plan! Twice! To Enfys Nest, and then to me!
Enrico: What good’s a plan if you don’t doublecross at least two different people?
Dryden Vos: Is that a quadruplecross?
Chewbacca: Only if you lie in two different ways.
Enrico: Right! If the lies align with each other, the result would be zero.
Dryden Vos: What? Why?
Enrico: Because it’s a cross product.
Chewbacca: A doublecross product.

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Published: Monday, 01 August, 2022; 21:47:57 PDT.
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