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Episode 1983: Passive-Aggressive Snoking


If you want to give a PC a serious chewing out from some superior NPC, try having the player play the role of the NPC who is doing the chewing out. Tell them that the superior is super angry with them, and for them to really let themselves have it. The player will not feel they have be restrained in any way and they also won't feel bad about having you yell at them. And they might really get a kick out of it too!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Remember, in panels 3 and 4, Sally is talking to herself, like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

"Success?" / "Located!"
"Useless." / "Map!"
"Have it?" / "Err ... no?"
"Lost a planet, have you?"

Way back in #258, we had the "Lost a planet, have you?" scene, but that was GM playing Yoda, and a slightly different take on it. And in #1631, we had a different take on the same concept.

Meanwhile, in the last panel, we see that Rey has some... "Pete-level" idea about something. She's all eager for whatever we'll see next comic.

And, we see that Sally has picked up on this "Administrator"'s arrogance. Calling Ren a "Lord" with air quotes in their voice. Talking back to Ren as though Ren can do nothing to Snoke, with complete disrespect. Why, I'm willing to bet that we'll see some sort of political maneuvering, where Snoke has support of the other generals to oust Ren, and promote Snoke to "Lord".

And I can see Hux going along with it. Just because this is a PvP campaign. And you don't trust team Evil not to backstab.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

It's surprisingly easy to misplace planets in this universe. First there was Kamino, now we have Ahch-To. Perhaps the Peace Moon as well, though that one might not count as most people seem to have just left it behind and didn't have much reason to return. And Sally was involved with or played the characters for all of those too!

Also wow, that middle panel. Snoke already looked ginormous, but that gives an actual view to reference height. Snoke's gotta be like the size of the Rancor! The background looks much more defined here too. I'd originally thought this was a rather plain looking cave, but now it's looking more impressive. The blocky constructs make me think of a boss area as well.

Hmmm, I note that Snoke did quotes around the Lord part of Ren's name. Maybe Kylo is just a wannabe Darth Vader, who was an actual Sith Lord? There have been a lot of visuals that play that up, and Snoke here certainly looks like a remixed Emperor with the appearance and giant chair. Stereotypical villains like that don't seem like they would demand an in-person audience simply just for status updates or offering praise.

I bet Sally is getting lots of extra XP for this. Maybe even enough for another level!


Snoke: Very well, Hux. See to it. Now!
General Hux: Yes, Administrator Snoke.
General Hux: All yours, Ren. Good luck. {Hux turns and departs}
Snoke: So, "Lord" Ren. Found Luke Amidala yet?
Kylo Ren: He was last seen on Ahch-To.
Snoke: Ahch-To?! Very useful, considering all records of its location are lost.
Kylo Ren: Not all. Lor San Tekka went with him. I found him. He said he made a map.
Snoke: So you have the map?
Kylo Ren: Weell...
Snoke: Lost a map to a planet, Lord Ren has.
Snoke: Brilliant.
Rey: I had doubts about Sally being two characters, but...
GM: Who better to give her a tongue-lashing than herself?
Rey: You are a genius.

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Published: Thursday, 15 April, 2021; 02:11:09 PDT.
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