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Episode 1193: All Yorr Base


It's good for the GM to set the scene at the start of a new adventure. And rather than do it in descriptive mode ("A pilot and co-pilot fly a shuttle towards the Peace Moon."), you can do it in demonstrative mode, following the old axiom of writing: Show, don't tell.

It's also a lot more fun.


Captain Yorr: This is shuttle pilot Yorr requesting clearance to land.
Peace Moon Technician: Uh, we're bigger than you. You're landing on us.
Captain Yorr: That's what I said.
Colonel Jendon: Requesting pitch and yaw settings.
Captain Yorr: Huh?
Peace Moon Technician: Our settings? You're the one who should be making settings.
Captain Yorr: I know, what yaw settings?
Peace Moon Technician: No, your settings! For your arrival.
Captain Yorr: I'm whose rival?
Colonel Jendon: Yorr's truly confused.
Peace Moon Technician: You're confused? That makes three of us.
Colonel Jendon: This happened at the last two bases I visited with Yorr.
Peace Moon Technician: Our what?
R2-D2: 2000 XP for you for roleplaying.
GM: Woohoo! 2nd level GM!

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Published: Thursday, 07 May, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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