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Episode 1194: Like a Moff to Flame


Behind the giant supervillain lair, there have to be people looking after the little details like paying for the power bills, getting the plumber in, and making sure there are enough of those fancy biscuits with the sugar sprinkles to have with afternoon tea.

You really don't want to see the wrath of a supervillain who has nothing to dunk in their tea.


Lieutenant Endicott: Inform Jerjerrod that Lord Vader's shuttle has landed.
{Jerrod greets Vader}
Moff Jerrod: Lord V-Vader, welcome.
Darth Vader: I trust construction is on schedule.
Moff Jerrod: Yes, m-my Lord. Emperor P-Palpatine is c-coming here for an inspection t-tour.
Darth Vader: Who said he could come here?
Moff Jerrod: H... H... He is the Emperor, s-sir.
Darth Vader: So you just said yes?
Moff Jerrod: My L-Lord... er...
Moff Jerrod: {softly} We need far more p-power. The w-weapon simply won't work.
Darth Vader: You will get ample power. Do not concern yourself with logistics.
Moff Jerrod: But that's my j-job!

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Published: Sunday, 10 May, 2015; 04:16:20 PDT.
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