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Episode 1631: A Four-Gun Conclusion


[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Bodhi's blending in with the Rebels so seamlessly, Cassian's already forgotten that he's only been a Rebel for 15 minutes!

Chirrut/Pete is being very helpful, teaching K-2/Sally about the benefits of followers/companions/familiars. Naturally, the added firepower is very helpful. But of course, they are also handy pack mules, meat shields, "diversions" for the enemy and they can even carry your body to a local priest to have you resurrected (assuming you pay them enough and/or have some sort of loyalty charm that stays active after you're dead).

I'm not sure if it's the screenshotting or the film itself, but K-2 is showing one of my favourite things about Star Wars droids: expressiveness. I always get a sense about what he's feeling, despite him not having facial muscles. There was always a body language with the droids (even with R2), that I came to appreciate, and it's captured very well here, and in other strips. So I'm glad to see that.

— aurilee

"Lost a planet, have you?"

So "Toprawa" isn't on the charts. Well, "secret rebel base" isn't on the charts either.

For that matter, if a Wookiee tried to pronounce a name, it probably would not be found; if a planet was listed under the Wookiee's pronunciation, no one else could find it. Clearly, this system of identifying planets by name has a few flaws in it.

Toprawa is probably under some other name. You know, I bet if they search the enemy base for clues, they could probably find out where it's actually located.

What do you mean, the base is destroyed, and there's no way back? These are player characters. Didn't I mention something about them always going back to search a destroyed location?

Now, the weapons. If you need to use a lot of weapons at once, you might want to try to hire a single Trimp to your team. They use six weapons at once, some of which are two-handed. Of course, if trimps don't exist in this universe, that won't work.

Given the wide variety of creatures that do exist, there has to be some creature, somewhere, with multiple hands, and multiple weapons usable at once.

(I would not be surprised if some biologist in the audience is aware of some insect, amphibian, or underwater creature that is able to sense 360° around them, track multiple potential meals at once, and possibly even use more than one arm to attack them at the same time; octopuses are the most obvious candidate, but I know so little of what's out there.)

— Keybounce


Bodhi: There's just one problem. Toprawa isn't on any of the charts. It doesn't seem to exist.
Cassian: That can't be. Krennic said there was a data archive there. Galen said it was an ocean planet.
Chirrut: So now what?
K-2SO: Let's just go somewhere and shoot some baddies! I can't wait to use my crate of weapons!
Bria: Can I have some?
K-2SO: But if I share them, you'll all have four guns.
Cassian: We can't actually use that many weapons.
Bria: Aha! We need more gun-bearers! We'll pick up a squad of reinforcements on the way!
K-2SO: Mmm... naah.
Chirrut: Don't think of it as losing weapons. You're gaining the ability to fire more of them at once. {Baze is conspicuous in the background}
K-2SO: Oooooh.
Cassian: Right, that's settled. Bodhi, set course for Rebel base.
Bodhi: Secret Rebel base, right.
Bodhi: Maybe the computer knows where it is.
Bodhi: Imperial nav system... let's see... Secret Rebel base...
Cassian: Yavin IV.

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Published: Tuesday, 27 March, 2018; 03:11:01 PDT.
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