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Episode 1982: Snoke Gets in Your Face


Really throw yourself into roleplay acting.

Just be aware that some people throw a lot further than others.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

MWAHAHA! Now that's a great villain rant. No way is that in the movie, being so close to the referenced quote, but it fits the lighting here so well! Dramatic acting is definitely a good way to impress the other players. This'll probably also go over well with Annie's video viewers as well!

Cataclysm Beam sounds very impressive, though it's lacking that alliterative appeal for the name for me. Maybe something like the Cataclysm Cannon if that's not been used before. Coming up with new names for characters or things is difficult for me, so I can't quite imagine how difficult it would be for companies to come up with names that are both good and still free to trademark for marketing use. (I am assuming this isn't a Peace Moon/Darths comic original name mind you.)

I'm guessing this "Death Star v3" weapon either fires through hyperspace or is capable of destroying whole solar systems somehow. Maybe both! Large moons not being exceptionally mobile, a new superweapon like that would definitely be a secret worth keeping from the Resistance when they're squarely in the crosshairs of the first/second use.

Oh! And maybe this is also why testing was being done on that new hyperdrive modulator! A whole moon would be very easy to block hyperjumps for, but it would also have the mass to basically shrug off any small impacts from hitting things! Being able to move the Cataclysm weapon could allow it to essentially snipe targets across the galaxy without being attacked like the first and second Death Stars.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

"Will all love me and despair". I feel like I'm reading Ozymandias with that line. It's not exact, but pretty close. And, "Terrible as the Dawn"... I really feel like these lines are references to something that I'm missing.

The lighting effect in that last panel really makes me think that this setup is deliberate - this administrator wants a sense of "I am in charge".

The scale/perspective is really hard to make out from the still images. Is the chair that Snoke is sitting in much closer to the camera? Or are they equally distant, which would make Snoke a horrible failure of the square/cube rule? In fact, a good look at panel one makes it seem like a composition of a distant shot of two people, and a closer-up shot of someone in a chair.


General Hux: Administrator, other plans are also in motion.
Snoke: Oh? Such as?
General Hux: The Peace Moon is now complete. The Cataclysm Beam is ready.
General Hux: The strike we have been preparing for is imminent. The Chandrila system, capital of the New Republic.
General Hux: With the government gone, and our agent inside the Resistance, the First Order shall rise!
Snoke: Will it be beautiful?
General Hux: Well, the beam is kind of glittery.
Snoke: Will it be terrible as the dawn?!
General Hux: Uh... the dawn of the First Order!
Snoke: Will all love me and despair?!!
GM: Uh, Sally, can you please not stand on the table?
BB-8: All right. Now I see why you wanted her to play Snoke.

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Published: Tuesday, 13 April, 2021; 02:11:09 PDT.
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