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Episode 1981: Hux to be You


Evil superiors should always berate their minions. It's part of what makes them evil.

Good superiors only berate their minions some of the time.

Seriously though, you can mix this up a bit. Imagine a good king, who is actually good in all the normal ways—compassionate, kind, wise, fair, looks after all of his subjects not just the rich ones—but who constantly berates his staff. Apart from that he's the ideal king. It's just if you work for him, he gets on your case all the time. He's not evil in any sense, he just has interpersonal skill problems.

Or what about the evil overlord who really cares about and looks after his minions, while plotting to murder people and conquer the world.

NPCs are often portrayed as one-dimensional stereotypes. But try stirring the pot a little.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Well... that is not Jar Jar's body. So unless he has some sort of Force power that lets him leave one body and enter another, that's not Jar Jar. Sadface. I mean, there's nothing in this universe that would let a mind survive in another body. Right?

... Computer upload, advanced cloning, generating a new body with a copy of a mind. No, that can't happen.

Some sort of Force Ascend ability that lets your thoughts survive the end of a body, and then some way to take over another, perhaps in infancy? No, that can't possibly happen.

So, no sirree. The Jar Jar theory is as dead as a door. Just ask any D&D player.

Now, I like how the Administrator is looking for signs of competence, and trying to spot obvious flaws in what they were doing. A two-agent staged escape was a good idea, but losing one of them ruined the plan. And I love how Lord Ren had his general go first and give the unfortunate news. I am reminded of Lord Vader from Episodes IV and V, and how he would deal with bad news.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Haha, Sally's definitely playing up the snark here! Not that the First Order looks like they have much in the way of secrets to keep at the moment except maaaybe Nute's existence, but Hux/Ben is a bit too much of a straight man to snark back with that fact.

I wonder what exactly Snoke brings to the table. While large, they seem kind of deformed and/or stuck to the chair. The head scar looks like it's the result of brain surgery of some kind. They don't have any technology screens in front of them. If Snoke is meant to be the Emperor equivalent of the sequel triology, then he'd have Force powers at least. Maybe we'll see some evidence of that soon.

As for double agent Finn, I wonder what kind of new plan Snoke will come up to salvage the original plan of Finn and Poe watching each other. Communications can be intercepted, so there won't be much either direction that the Resistance could miss. Kylo and Hux probably should have arranged a secure dead drop location set up to be able to give orders and receive intel. Or, if they do have one, pointed out the use there to Snoke as a success in their favor.


GM: Okay, Sally, go ahead.
Snoke: Kylo Nabidalo Ren. Armitage Hux. What do you two miscreants have to report?!
Kylo Ren: You go first, General.
General Hux: Administrator Snoke. We have planted an agent within the Resistance.
Snoke: Oh. Good idea! I’m sure they won’t turn traitor and reveal all our secrets!
General Hux: We... uh... planned for that possibility.
Snoke: Wait. Is this actual competence I detect??
General Hux: Well, um... the other agent who was going to keep an eye on him... died during the faked escape.
Snoke: I guess not!
General Hux: {sotto voce, to Kylo Ren} You thought this would be better than facing Nute Gunray?
Kylo Ren: {sotto voce, to Hux} Hey, I’m not getting berated.

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Published: Sunday, 11 April, 2021; 02:11:13 PDT.
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