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Episode 1954: Lickety Splat


You know that thing where someone comes up to you and they obviously know you, but you have no idea who they are?

Why not spring that on adventurers in your games? The good thing is, the more inexplicable, the better!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

ERRGH! That is not what I'd expected at all! Except for the very rare alien, all the sapient species in Star Wars have been humanoid and roughly the same size as humans as well. So if this is a giant tongue on a tentacle with an eye in the middle, this is probably the largest talking alien to date. And something that'd be more common in a Sci-Fi horror film as well.

Splitting up makes sense I guess, but this Guavian seems to just want Xasha. That'd mean that sticking together would be better wouldn't it? It'd be more difficult to fight a group of five rather than fight two now then three later. And if one of those groups is hiding in a hole, blocking the hole up would be simple enough to do so they can't escape while the other group is fighting. Really, this kinda smells like Xasha aiming for a party betrayal/set-up again unless there's some other game information we haven't seen yet.

Another problem that isn't addressed with identity thieves often? Old grudges. Is this Guavian after the original Xasha? The new one we knew as Han? If they're fine with working for 30 years to get at Xasha, it could go either way. Crazy long shot idea, special Darths & Droids version? This is a brain hybrid of Boba Fett and the Sarlacc come to get Xasha (formerly Han Solo) for the lie of Obi-Wan not actually being dead. I mean, if Jabba can change into something more corpulent, why not the reverse for a sedentary alien? And if Xasha used to work for Boba Fett, having a sudden change in personality/appearance would be a dead giveaway that something happened to her.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

First, Rey, it's only seen you if that was an eye. It might only be a tentacle or giant tongue.

Or... between panel 2 and 4, that "central part" has moved. So, ... probably an eye.

So what did Jim/Xasha do? Betray someone multiple times? (campaign... V, right before the carbonite freezing). Set up a spectacular betting opportunity? (A different Jim character.) Sell a bunch of weapons to peaceful natives? Arrange for a bunch of weapons for a peaceful construction project? Start splitting the party so that everyone messes up? Leave someone to die? ... oh, looks like the next time he's doing something horrible, it's back to "Han" again.

So what's the solution today? Lets start by splitting up the party. There's probably some weapons involved in whatever this is. And I bet someone feels betrayed. How many callbacks to past Jim actions will we see come up?


Finn: What are you going to do?
[SFX]: Splat!
GM: A horrible slimy creature thuds against the window in the door behind you. A tentacle or maybe a giant tongue?
Finn: Is that a Guavian?
Creature: Xaaashaaa! I’ll get you for what you did! Even if it takes me 30 years!
Rey: Yep. Sounds like a Guavian.
Xasha: You two get under the floor!
Creature: Xasha!
Rey: But it’s seen us now.
Xasha: We can still split up.
Finn: {climbing down into the under-floor crawlspace} He has a point. Harder to kill us all at once.
Xasha: Oh, that too!

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Published: Sunday, 07 February, 2021; 01:11:06 PST.
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