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Episode 1953: Split Imperative


Misinterpreting someone's intentions can work both ways. If you assume someone is friendly when they're actually hostile, you might be making a horrible mistake and leave yourself vulnerable to surprise attack.

On the other hand, if you assume they're hostile when they're really friendly, then you might make a horrible mistake the other way, pre-emptively attacking the king's emissaries or whatever.

So this is one of those things that you really should try to get right, every single time. Which means it's a great situation to put adventurers in, because they're bound to get one wrong sooner or later.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

When splitting the party becomes the default, normal path for the players in a group, what does that tell you? Well, if you want your players to stay alive, and your campaign to continue, you need to adapt your villains to keep in touch with what your players are doing.

Han does not seem to take this with proper seriousness. I'm wondering if he's lost some brain cells with all the identify shifting he's done.

As much as Han is supposed to be Chewie's Sidekick, he seems to be taking charge. That's not normal. A sidekick basically being in charge sounds like... well, actually, when have we seen a sidekick in this story? The only one I can think of was in Butch Cassian and the Sundance Droid, where Pete's characters had one set of senses over two bodies. The secondary character was a sidekick, but he never took charge. Although, one set of senses, and controlling two bodies, that sounds like Sally during the droid factory. But again, we never saw anything happen there either.

Maybe looking at teacher/student relationships? Well, in that case, Episode II had a very active student who ignored his teacher or just plain took charge and did things (thinking of the car chase near the beginning, chasing down the shapeshifter) without actually going against his teacher's non-existent instructions. Or, Episode V, where the student was basically told "don't go", and went anyways.

So, this is sort-of a call-out to campaigns II and V, which is just right for this campaign if they are following the Ring Cycle stuff. Except that this would require Han to be Chewie's student.

Chewbacca a teacher to Han? I just don't see Jim being a student in-game. After all, he's a student in life, and uses these games to turn off his brain. And a student that just doesn't pay attention and turns off their brain? That's not realistic, is it? :-)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Split the party, hide until that doesn't work, talk their way out, and sell out the rest of the group with a side of running away fighting. Wait, no, that was Episode IV on the Death Star and in a slightly different order. And with the Irregulars' twist on the story too. The parallels just keep showing up though; I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into that now from the commentary I can read however.

I guess Chewbacca doesn't always have the opportunity to dive in and prevent Han/Xasha from messing things up. For some reason, I think of character background groups and organizations as "friendly" for the default relationship. In practice, about half of my characters have had backgrounds where they're on the run from a group or have a hate-hate relationship of some kind. So there's nothing I can think of at the moment to guess with more certainty than a coin flip if this'll end up with shooting like Finn thinks.

Hm. How do you suppose BB-8 got out of the pit he'd been lifted down into? Grapple dart into the ceiling of the ship perhaps? Minor plothole power, à la teleporting R2-D2? R2 did always seem to somehow be able to keep up with the rest of the party even though he was obviously slower. I think that was probably due to the technological limitations of the R2-D2 models, and using camera cuts, R2 could rapidly catch up to still be in the movie. BB-8 shouldn't have that issue being either a CGI creation or a much more mobile model, but it looks like astromech droids still might have the same handy screen transition ability.


Chewbacca: Methinks you have misinterpreted the gang’s intentions. They are potentially hostile.
Rey: And now they’re docking! We should get out of here.
Xasha: Good idea. I left my credit card in my cabin.
{They walk down a corridor of the large freighter}
BB-8: Guys, I have a bad feeling about this.
Finn: We need a plan of action. In case they start shooting.
Xasha: Relax. We’ll just do the same thing we always do.
Chewbacca: Talk our way out of it?
Xasha: Split the party. Rey, you and Finn hide in the crawlspace.
[SFX]: Clang! {Chewbacca opens a hatch in the floor}
GM: You’ve only been together for five minutes!

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Published: Thursday, 04 February, 2021; 01:11:05 PST.
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