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Episode 347: Execution of Rapid Character Development (Stage 2)


There comes a time in every new gamer's experience when they realise that things have gone horribly wrong*. Dealing with this is all part of the process of maturing as a gamer. Of course, it's a bit difficult when you're actually not a mature adult to begin with.

So really, it's a tricky situation for all gamers.

* If you're playing Call of Cthulhu, ideally this should occur in the first 3 minutes of play.


Pete: What do you want to do?
C-3PO: {body} I look for my head!
Pete: You can't see.
C-3PO: I look with my head!
Pete: Roll a Spot check.
C-3PO: 7.
Pete: Your eyes can't see your body. Which direction does your body want to go?
C-3PO: Um... left!
Pete: You end up on another conveyor belt.
C-3PO: No, right!
[SFX]: Kzzzt!
Pete: Too late. The machinery shoves a combat droid head on to your neck and welds it on.
Pete: And C-3PO's head gets attached to a combat droid.
C-3PO: {head} I don't want to be a baddie now! I pull my head off!
Pete: Too late. It's welded on.
C-3PO: Pete, I don't like you any more.
Pete: What?! But look at your cool new stats!
C-3PO: {droid head and original head} I don't care about your stupid stats!
Anakin: Sally, I think you just grew up.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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