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Episode 916: Those Medalling Kids


Medals and honours and titles and similar stuff make good rewards for PCs who have succeeded in a valuable mission.

Just make sure to grant these boons quickly, so the players can be appropriately pleased and before they notice they're not getting something they can easily buy more gear with.


GM: Let's wrap up with a medal ceremony.
Leia: As leader of the Rebellion, I, Princess Organa (former Senator), hereby present Luke Starkiller with the Medal of Bravery.
Luke: Cool!
Leia: And Han Solo, who has redeemed himself and shown true courage to save the day.
Han: You know, I could get used to this.
Han: And a medal for my trusty sidekick here?
Chewbacca: Sidekick? Exactly who do you think is the sidekick in this relationship, my dear fellow?
Chewbacca: I shall take my medal when we have actually won, thank you.
Chewbacca: This is but a small victory in much greater events. Darth Vader escaped, and there is still the issue of Emperor Palpatine.
C-3PO: Palpatine was never the enemy. He was just a figurehead for the Senate's depravities. Maybe now he can—
R2-D2: No. We need a true leader, not a crown.
Luke: What a great game! Let's replay it, but this time can I be Vader?
GM: No, no, no!
Leia: The original version is always the best. Let's not mess with it.

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Published: Tuesday, 30 July, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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