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Episode 917: But That's Not Important Right Now


There will be a three-strip intermission before the beginning of Episode V. This strip shows Jim's planning notes for the adventure he ran before Episode IV, and which is referred to a few times by the players during Episode IV.


{Typed up adventure notes}
Notes: Adventure plan
Notes: It all begins on a war-torn island off Morocco...
Notes: A pilot, a military nurse, and a grizzled motorcycle mechanic walk into a bar. It's a sleazy, run-down, low-life joint full of all the dregs of humanity desperate for any way out of this hellhole of a war-torn island off Morocco. You can count on a fight breaking out almost every night. Even the Girl Scouts are badass. The bar is called The MAGUMBA BAR. The island is called DRAMBUIE.
Notes: This night, a fight does break out. It moves onto the dance floor when someone gets in the way of a knife. It might even be a PC, if they're not careful! This fight will be a good way to break the ice and introduce the elements of realism and drama in the adventure.
Notes: The next day there is a FIGHTER MISSION. The pilot PC will lead the mission. Plenty of chance for DRAMATIC HEROICS! In case of accident, they end up in military hospital, looked after by the nurse. There are lots of cases of shell shock, with people thinking cool delusions and stuff. Note: the pilot should get a FEAR OF FLYING here. This is important to set up realistic character background for the DRAMA following.
Notes: The war ends! (DRAMATIC! Keep the players guessing!)
Notes: Surviving characters do a PEACE CORPS MISSION to Africa. The natives want to learn about how to keep food fresh and keep fit. Good roleplaying challenge after previous combat-heavy stuff. Maintain drama, realism, and tension.
Notes: Suddenly move forward a few years! Keep the players off-balance to set up the HIGH DRAMA that is about to come.
Notes: The nurse is now an airline stewardess. Other PCs are either air crew or passengers - the Air Force pilot is a passenger. There are interesting dramatic NPCs for them to interact with: A Japanese general, jive-talking dudes, nuns, and a little girl who is flying to Chicago for a heart transplant. Her name is Lisa Davis and she is an IMPORTANT NPC - the PCs have to make sure she survives.
Notes: The plane takes off from LA. The dinner choice is BEEF or.... SASHIMI! Make sure to record what everyone chooses to eat. Because the SASHIMI IS CONTAMINATED! SAVE VERSUS POISON or be terminally sick. -4 to all actions. NPCs will just collapse and be useless.
Notes: Uh oh... the pilot and co-pilot had the SASHIMI! HIGH DRAMA!!!! The Air Force pilot who hates flying has to land a plane he's never flown before!
Notes: And there's a HUGE STORM between LA and Chicago! And the air-traffic control tower supervisor has a DRUG PROBLEM! And the only guy available who can talk the plane down is the ex-CO of the Air Force pilot, who HATES HIM! (Add more dramatic stuff as I think of it during play...)
Notes: If they get out of this alive it will be the GREATEST DRAMATIC STORY EVER.

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Published: Thursday, 01 August, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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