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Episode 764: Hutt and Soul-o


If an NPC ever asks you if you remember some incident in the past, the sensible thing to do is to deny all knowledge!

Unless you actually don't remember it, in which case the sensible thing to do is say of course you remember it!


Jabba: I'm looking for Han Solo, the daring freighter pilot.
Han: The one and only.
Jabba: Ah, Han old friend. Long time, no see. Another new shape?
Han: Uh... yeah?
Jabba: You haven't forgotten our little incident 32 years ago, now?
Han: Uh...
Jabba: Boonta Eve. The pod race. You said bet on Sebulba. Said he'd sabotaged the only pod faster than his. Remember?
Han: Sure. Of course I remember.
Jabba: The day your son was murdered, so I can forgive the delay. But not the debt.
Han: Uh, debt, right.
Jabba: Sebulba lost. You owe me. Big time.
Han: Gimme a week, okay?
Han: I'm making a run, they're paying me... five thousand. That should square us, right?
Jabba: Han old buddy, it's a start. I'll always stick my neck out for you.
Jabba: Not that I have a neck.

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Published: Thursday, 09 August, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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