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Episode 332: Venting


Conflict, while an integral part of the in-game experience, is not a good thing to have between the players and the GM.

Although conflict with the GM can at least have the side effect of getting all the players thinking the same way for once.


GM: Anakin, Padmé: you reach Geonosis.
Anakin: Can we find Obi-Wan's ship?
GM: You detect it in a field of geothermal vents.
Padmé: Cool!
{they land}
Anakin: Let's go check it out.
Padmé: Look, whatever happens out there, follow my lead.
GM: The droids need to stay behind.
Padmé: Why does Pete always have to stay behind?
GM: He chose to be an astromech droid. His job is to stay in the ship.
R2-D2: I don't have to stay in the ship if I don't want to!
Padmé: Yeah! Stop telling us what we should be doing! We're playing the game.
GM: Okay... fine. Do whatever you like. Ignore all the clues and leave Obi-Wan to die.
R2-D2: We will!
Padmé: Yeah!
R2-D2: You tell him!
Padmé: Wait...
GM: Right. We're done with the game for tonight.
Anakin: Uh. Pete? I thought you were still upset at Jim for abandoning your thief character.
R2-D2: It's tough holding a grudge against someone who doesn't even notice.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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