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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Force Levitation, Level 1: Ball

Take a photo of yourself, wearing your Cheddar Monk robes, levitating a ball in the air. Post it somewhere on the Internet and post a link to it in the Cheddar Monk Academy forum.

Cheddar Monk points: 3

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
pjt333   2009-09-22 07:34:45   First Padawan to achieve this challenge. Photo here.
Quouar3   2009-09-23 07:17:43   Photo here. Be sure to use a Force-proof camera next time!
steel_butterfly3   2009-09-26 09:47:29   Concentrate on control you must, not simply power! Video here.
MoonHitler3   2009-09-28 08:23:02   A superb demonstration of single-digit levitation. Photo here.
Baby Wan Kanobi3   2009-10-02 07:13:27   A good effort from one so young! Video here.
KaliaofOnderon3   2009-10-02 23:53:29   Mastered the art of levitating a ball, you have. Photo here.
Slerte3   2009-10-03 23:16:36   A display of levitation the Masters expect took a lot more effort than other Padawans! Video here.
IWC Junkie3   2009-10-03 23:19:17   An excellent demonstration, showing good concentration. Photo here.
JackSlack3   2009-10-04 05:58:52   A good example, though beware that Cheddar Monks are forbidden from using their powers to form "personal attachments" at parties! Photo here.
Hieraco3   2009-10-04 22:27:53   A good demonstration, but be careful of exceeding your abilities so early in your training! Video here.
Metruis3   2009-10-19 07:24:51   A fine demonstration with a larger ball than most younglings begin with; truly you have learnt that size matters not. Photo here.
jayana3   2009-10-19 10:55:34   A good effort, and a well-deserved snack. Photos here.
DarthSpurious3   2009-10-20 06:30:40   An excellent demonstration of Force Levitataion! Other Padawans would do well to observe your style. Video here.
Sesquepadalia3   2009-10-20 06:33:22   Another excellent example of Levitation! Video here.
agentorrange3   2009-10-21 09:34:10   A good demonstration. Type of ball matters not to the Force. Photo here.
darthmandinga3   2009-10-22 06:24:17   A fine example of ball levitation. Photo here.
Stey Va Nin3   2009-10-25 05:39:33   A strong performance for one so early in her training! Photo here (at bottom).
DaveK3   2009-11-07 21:50:42   Good height on your levitation. Photo here.
Mary Leathert3   2009-11-26 09:06:42   A fine example of levitation. It's nice to share your learning with a fellow Padawan, too. Photo here.
Merlen3   2009-11-26 09:08:04   A high level of control is clearly needed to Force levitate with one hand while knitting with the other. Photo here.
Jimmymick3   2009-12-03 10:50:01   Excellent control, and well done combining with Force telepathy. Video here.
Mala Kethel3   2010-01-02 00:59:10   Nice snowball work on Hoth. video here.
TehRoss3   2010-01-10 08:42:57   An excellent demonstration of the midi-chlorian-based principles of Force Levitation, photographed at the San Francisco Exploratorium.
Lantus Nova3   2010-01-25 22:47:12   Good technique and concentration - keep your eyes on the ball. Photo here.
GM Kriim3   2010-03-27 00:44:09   A bit difficult to recognise - need more practice with Force Manipulation of your camera too. Photo here.
jadedflames3   2010-06-08 08:38:23   Good work, on the path to Cheddar enlightenment you are. Blog here.
crtlion3   2010-08-24 09:25:04   Two at once! Photo here. And while Force Jumping! Photo here.

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