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Cheddar Monk Academy - Padawan Jimmymick

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Padawan Jimmymick has completed 9 challenges and scored 39 points.

ChallengePointsTime (GMT)Notes
Charity, Level 1:
Make a Donation
2   2009-10-18 01:34:15   Charitable contribution graciously accepted for your enrolment in the Academy. Photos of the trials overcome to make the donation shown here.
Force Manipulation, Level 1:
20-sided Die
5   2009-10-18 02:13:55   An acceptable demonstration, though it would be nice to see the hand movements through which the manipulation is accomplished. Video here.
Laser Sword, Level 1:
Build your Laser Sword
7   2009-10-21 09:55:11   A good example of the dangerous double-bladed laser sword. We trust you will pay attention in laser sword combat class, lest you lose an arm! Photos here and here.
Negotiation, Level 1:
Convince the Cheddar Masters
5   2009-10-24 00:31:12   This Padawan has made sure all bases are covered.
Force Sensitivity, Level 1:
Detect Evil
9   2009-11-12 13:28:29   You successfully detected the evilness or otherwise of 31 people out of 32.
Force Jump, Level 1:
Standing Jump
3   2009-11-15 06:23:10   A very satisfactory jump. Photo here.
Force Levitation, Level 1:
3   2009-12-03 10:50:01   Excellent control, and well done combining with Force telepathy. Video here.
Loyalty, Level 1:
Pledge of Allegiance
4   2009-12-03 11:02:13   A cultivated singing voice, well done. Video here.
Secrecy, Level 1:
Secret Padawan Phrase
1   2010-02-03 09:59:30   Bloody-minded literalness can be a virtue.

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Published: Wednesday, 03 February, 2010; 01:59:34 PST.
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