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Cheddar Monk Academy - Padawan agentorrange

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Padawan agentorrange has completed 13 challenges and scored 62 points.

ChallengePointsTime (GMT)Notes
Force Levitation, Level 1:
3   2009-10-21 09:34:10   A good demonstration. Type of ball matters not to the Force. Photo here.
Force Manipulation, Level 2:
Percentile Dice
4   2009-10-21 09:37:34   It appears you have succeeded in this task, but we are unable to see your all-important robes... Video here.
Charity, Level 1:
Make a Donation
2   2009-10-22 06:19:01   A generous donation marks true charity!
Force Manipulation, Level 1:
20-sided Die
5   2009-10-22 06:51:33   Attempting the challenges in reverse order of difficulty has prepared you well for this one. Video here.
Loyalty, Level 1:
Pledge of Allegiance
5   2009-10-22 06:59:02   An original and stirring rendition! Well done! The Masters award a bonus style point. MP3 here.
Force Abilities, Level 1:
Summon Bigger Fish
6   2009-10-24 00:18:21   While impressive in size, the Masters are concerned for the welfare of such a large fish summoned to such a hostile environment! Photo here.
Force Sensitivity, Level 1:
Detect Evil
10   2009-12-11 06:34:44   You successfully detected the evilness or otherwise of 32 people out of 32.
Force Levitation, Level 2:
Laser Sword
6   2009-12-13 10:46:42   Although tricky to see, the Cheddar Masters recognise true ability. Video here.
Exploration, Level 3:
5   2009-12-13 10:49:16   The hardships of Hoth are clearly demonstrated - we see you also had to take the garbage out. Photo here.
Negotiation, Level 1:
Convince the Cheddar Masters
4   2009-12-14 10:09:22   While displaying the true attitude and bravado of a Cheddar Monk, the Masters are concerned with attempting such techniques on your superiors.
Creativity, Level 1:
Title Crawl
6   2010-02-15 10:01:28   Definitely sounds like a group of Cheddar Monks getting into an adventure! Video here.
Secrecy, Level 1:
Secret Padawan Phrase
1   2010-02-15 10:03:58   Fortunately you convinced us of your own originality here.
Negotiation, Level 2:
Suggest a Challenge
5   2010-09-11 23:58:03   Two potentially suitable challenges. We shall see.

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Published: Saturday, 11 September, 2010; 16:58:15 PDT.
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