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Cheddar Monk Academy - Padawan pjt33

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Padawan pjt33 has completed 25 challenges and scored 134 points.

ChallengePointsTime (GMT)Notes
Force Jump, Level 1:
Standing Jump
4   2009-09-19 23:21:16   Photo here. An excellent display, +1 style point for thinking to use an authentic Soro-Suub imager.
Force Levitation, Level 1:
3   2009-09-22 07:34:45   First Padawan to achieve this challenge. Photo here.
Laser Sword, Level 1:
Build your Laser Sword
7   2009-09-30 09:02:34   Flawless construction, as evidenced by the stable energy field of the active blade. Photos here, here, here.
Force Abilities, Level 1:
Summon Bigger Fish
7   2009-10-03 23:39:02   Levitating in front of a large summoned fish seems to have caused quite a stir in Waikutooine. Photo here.
Exploration, Level 1:
4   2009-10-18 02:07:30   A nice souvenir photo, though we would like to see a bit more exploration than stopping in at heavily trafficked tourist spots near bars! photo here.
Force Manipulation, Level 1:
20-sided Die
5   2009-10-18 02:11:21   A good demonstration, with intriguing background ambience. Video here.
Negotiation, Level 1:
Convince the Cheddar Masters
5   2009-10-24 00:22:51   A balanced argument with plenty of citations. (Maybe consider using APA referencing next time?)
Force Sensitivity, Level 1:
Detect Evil
10   2009-10-26 09:31:24   You successfully detected the evilness or otherwise of 32 people out of 32.
Force Manipulation, Level 2:
Percentile Dice
6   2009-10-30 21:43:27   An excellent demonstration, with good Force Manipulation handwork. Video here.
Exploration, Level 2:
Forest Moon of Endor
4   2009-11-20 09:37:17   Some clever Cheddar trickery here. Photos here and here.
Force Levitation, Level 2:
Laser Sword
6   2009-11-26 08:32:09   Very impressive control, well done! Video here.
Loyalty, Level 2:
Recreate a shot
6   2009-12-21 06:19:54   A well executed recreation of Episode 225, showing here.
Negotiation, Level 2:
Suggest a Challenge
5   2010-01-11 06:03:27   A most excellent suggestion!
Creativity, Level 1:
Title Crawl
6   2010-01-15 06:18:29   An intriguing predicament you appear to be in! We await your adventure with anticipation. Video here.
Secrecy, Level 1:
Secret Padawan Phrase
1   2010-02-03 10:03:37   Persistence and an overwhelming sense of righteousness are true qualities of a Cheddar Monk.
Exploration, Level 3:
5   2010-03-12 22:18:24   We see your Cheddar robes provide suitable protection enough in the Hoth summer. Photo here.
Creativity, Level 2:
Cheddar Carving
6   2010-04-04 05:16:58   Good effort, though we need to leave room for other attempts at the ends of the point scale. Kamino dart photo.
Cheddar Philosophy, Level 1:
Chocolate Dice
5   2010-04-08 07:43:55   Clearly aligned with the Light Side you are. Photos here.
Force Jump, Level 2:
Sitting Jump
4   2010-04-27 08:27:07   Good posture, though hard to see clearly your jumping skills. Photo here.
Exploration, Level 4:
4   2010-04-27 08:28:14   Some interesting terrain discovered there. Photo here.
Force Abilities, Level 2:
Summon Giant Sand Creature
7   2010-05-21 23:05:46   Definitely a giant sand creature - we can barely see you riding it even at full magnification. Photo here.
Laser Sword, Level 2:
Cutting Power
7   2010-08-28 23:46:29   Clearly a powerful and searing cut. We wonder where the other half of the onion was before... Video here.
Mechanical Ability, Level 1:
Build a Podracer
7   2010-09-14 07:58:12   Clearly a rushed job, but points you have earned. Photos here, here, here. Video here.
Exploration, Level 6:
4   2010-09-15 08:13:28   What a view! Photo here.
Force Manipulation, Level 3:
6   2010-09-15 08:16:23   Another exemplary display - this year's Padawans are well-trained indeed. Video here.

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Published: Wednesday, 15 September, 2010; 01:28:40 PDT.
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