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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Negotiation, Level 1: Convince the Cheddar Masters

Send an e-mail to the Cheddar Masters at the address at the bottom of this page. Convince the Cheddar Masters to award you points for Negotiation. Make sure you tell us your registered Padawan user name.

Cheddar Monk points: 1 to 5, at discretion of Cheddar Masters

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
Darth_Mozzarella4   2009-09-15 09:15:26   A very convincing negotiation.
Pasha Schiff3   2009-09-16 01:43:23   A most humble negotiation, but a bit perplexing near the end.
MarioFanaticXV4   2009-09-16 01:46:00   A most humble and wise negotiation.
jeanthine5   2009-09-16 01:52:46   4 points (average of Cheddar Master votes), plus 1 style point for causing the Masters to argue amongst themselves.
Quouar2   2009-09-16 01:55:05   2 points, as requested.
archer 94805   2009-09-16 01:57:08   An excellent display of true Cheddar Monkish negotiation process.
Darth Fishy5   2009-09-16 11:38:23   A poor start to negotiation, but recovered well when challenged by the Cheddar Masters.
Bridie5   2009-09-17 21:18:18   Very clever negotiation technique.
prak4   2009-09-17 21:35:49   The cheese is strong with this one.
JoeBob7072   2009-09-17 21:38:15   Become more in tune with the Force, you must.
Fraggranark4   2009-09-17 21:40:57   Many pertinent points... almost too many!
Newtbane5   2009-09-17 21:44:06   A convincing argument... the Masters think. Yes...
burning1   2009-09-17 21:48:25   The Masters suggest a different approach.
CaseyG5   2009-09-19 00:00:14   The Force is strong with this one. Unanimous 5 points from all the Masters.
Magicwings5   2009-09-19 22:49:47   Both negotiation and holy pilgrimage; well done.
spiceXisXnice2   2009-09-22 09:08:35   To impress, do not seek to impress.
JackSlack5   2009-09-22 09:15:50   The Cheddar Masters are impressed by your ability to maintain rhyme while negotiating.
Hieraco5   2009-09-24 07:31:14   You appear to be a natural at Force Persuasion. Obviously the Cheddar Masters can easily resist such an attempt, but recognise its potency and award full points.
rboxeth1   2009-09-24 07:35:02   Bring it on, Youngling.
ZedZed775   2009-09-24 07:42:01   Very clever and inventive negotiation. We trust you find your way to the Academy.
Feefers4   2009-09-24 08:12:18   A good understanding of the art of negotiation, though perhaps the method is better suited to the Senate than the field.
Tengwar5   2009-09-25 11:17:47   Even though training has barely begun, this Padawan displays an exceptional connection to the Light Side.
steel_butterfly5   2009-09-26 06:15:04   One of the most convincing displays of negotiation skills the Cheddar Masters can imagine! Well done.
Tortus5   2009-09-26 23:20:34   We must look into this "Fresh Prince". That's two Padawans who have invoked his spirit!
TehRoss5   2009-09-30 08:32:18   You have provolone your worthiness.
MoonHitler4   2009-09-30 08:35:34   A good introduction to the Academy.
IWC Junkie6   2009-10-06 07:15:41   An obvious 5 point negotiation, plus a bonus style point awarded for singing ability. Well done!
onlytheoretical5   2009-10-06 07:17:12   The Academy welcomes one so attuned to the ways of the Force.
Slerte4   2009-10-06 07:17:58   While a Cheddar Monk is naturally drawn to things of a Cheddar nature, it is important not to let proximity to cheese cloud one's judgement.
Baby Wan Kanobi5   2009-10-15 08:26:48   Excellent negotiation and mastery of the use of a data terminal to communicate it to the Masters. video here.
g0m4   2009-10-18 01:48:26   The Cheddar Masters wonder whether g0m's aptitudes better suit a life of Cheddar Monkhood or advertising... Time will tell.
Gimliggamer4   2009-10-18 01:51:35   Your treatise contained several elements of persuasiveness, however the conclusion was rather too black and white.
pjt335   2009-10-24 00:22:51   A balanced argument with plenty of citations. (Maybe consider using APA referencing next time?)
Jimmymick5   2009-10-24 00:31:12   This Padawan has made sure all bases are covered.
Jericu Boritox3   2009-10-24 00:32:34   The Cheddar Masters are pleased with your new-found enlightenment, but advise that a high score for this exercise is contingent upon our respect for your abilities, not your respect for ours.
DaveK5   2009-10-24 23:16:12   A thorough understanding of the arts of negotiation, which should do you in good stead in a wide range of circumstances.
darthmandinga5   2009-11-06 21:45:21   We feared you had succumbed to the Dark Side already, but a full rehabilitation you appear to have made. Your hard effort is rewarded.
Taneb2   2009-11-06 22:05:17   Humility is a good start, but more is required to achieve a good score in this task.
Archon5   2009-11-20 09:48:20   A brilliant display of negotiation skills, tailored to the expectations and needs of the Masters.
Stey Va Nin4   2009-11-26 08:17:30   The Masters easily resist Padawan attempts at Force Suggestion, but the pull of the Squid cannot be denied.
agentorrange4   2009-12-14 10:09:22   While displaying the true attitude and bravado of a Cheddar Monk, the Masters are concerned with attempting such techniques on your superiors.
Runefurb5   2010-01-23 23:16:53   Your argument is strong and your cheddaryness obvious!
Bionicle is cool.4   2010-02-05 06:14:33   A well-argued, if strictly conventional negotiation. A spark of creativity would seal it.
Heron5   2010-03-17 09:31:58   The Cheddar Masters cannot say no to such a convincing bribe argument.
Hurricane5   2010-03-29 06:08:04   Humility, confidence, logic, inspiration, generosity... 5 points!
cappy5   2010-04-27 08:11:23   We can find no argument against your negotiation.
jadedflames5   2010-06-12 05:53:54   Excellent point-by-point negotiation of... 5 points!
Mary Leathert5   2010-09-15 08:01:42   A thoughtful and well-reasoned negotiation, mentioning many truisms of Cheddar philosophy.

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