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Episode 2402: Let It Ride


Who doesn't love riding animals through places they're not supposed to be? A mounted animal chase can be a super exciting scene in a game. Just make sure there are plenty of obstacles and inappropriate terrain in the way. Here's a handy table of things you can put in the way of a group of heroes fleeing or chasing while riding on animals! Roll d20:

  1. Car wash
  2. Changing of the Royal Guard ceremony
  3. China shop
  4. Church (90% chance of a wedding in progress)
  5. Construction workers doing "carrying a vertical pane of glass" training
  6. Funeral procession
  7. Go-kart track
  8. Good old town square marketplace (a wagon piled high with fruit is mandatory)
  9. Gym class
  10. Hospital
  11. Ice rink
  12. Library
  13. Luxury hotel
  14. Movie set
  15. Public swimming pool
  16. Shopping mall, with escalators
  17. Sports field (game in progress)
  18. St Patrick's Day parade
  19. Subway station
  20. TV studio, currently filming (roll 1d4): 1 live news bulletin; 2 sitcom; 3 reality TV show; 4 quiz show
Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Haha! They're not shooting yet, but there's the gunships! Weird that we get a close-up of one of the people on a gunship, but nothing else happens. I suppose shooting the fatheirs down would be bad for the investment on them but, at some point, the damages done are going to outweigh the cost of fatheir replacement.

And we even get the stampede going through the casino! I think I might be getting the hang of guessing at the silliness that'll happen next. And it's most definitely a silly part of the movie. Being able to run from a race track a couple hundred feet below a balcony to crashing through a window to get back on the bar and gambling floor that the balcony connects to? Nonsense! But hey, maybe there's just a lot of similar looking bar-and-gaming areas. That still feels like bad architecture to have it that close to the track without any reasonable barriers.

So what's next. We still need that aquarium I'm hoping for, there's the loose plot thread with whoever DJ is, and this money-making scheme needs to all somehow match up with whatever the movie reason to be here is. Given Jim's last comment here, I'll bet double or nothing that DJ is part of the mob, they'll meet up with him and BB-8 next to an aquarium, and there'll be some sort of money-making discussion in place of whatever the movie would talk about. No, wait. Correction as I just remembered; Canto Bight was described with waterfalls. There's not going to be an aquarium, we're gonna have a dramatic waterfall scene with DJ the mobster instead!


GM: <roll> Two police gunships are chasing you. You’re about to be cornered up against the casino wall.
[SFX]: wzzhh... wzzhh... wzzhh...
Rose: Only one thing for it. We ride through a window!
[SFX]: thud thud thud
GM: Uh... You burst through a bar and into the gaming area.
[SFX]: Crash!!
[SFX]: clop clop
Rose: More cash! Grab some, Finn! We bet it all on those last three fathiers.
Temiri Blagg: Yeah! If you win you can even put some money back and nobody will notice!
[SFX]: clop crash clop
Finn: Seems odd they’d accept bets during the race.
GM: You’d almost think they could use that to track who’s messing with the fathiers...
Rose: So we create a distraction!
Finn: Crashing through the casino on riding beasts isn’t distraction enough?!
[SFX]: clop crash clop
Temiri Blagg: You don’t want the mob after you. Just look what Shmi did to those poor Sand People.

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Published: Tuesday, 19 December, 2023; 01:11:07 PST.
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