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Episode 2403: The Light at the Middle of the Tunnel


Tunnels and passages are great fun. Here are some ideas:

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Aww, I guess we're done with the casino crashing. I'd thought there'd be at least a little bit more that the interior interlopers could trample through. I didn't even see any of the suspiciously droid-like slot machines get smashed!

Maybe this is why we had the one shot of the officer in the gunship. The herd of fathiers (which my writing client and email still insists should be "fathers") seems to have spread out more so now maybe shooting will happen? It doesn't feel quite right to have a casino-heist-like movie without a high speed chase and shoot-out of some kind.

Hmm. I give it 60-40 odds that Rose and Finn get to hang out in the connecting tunnel for a bit versus having a travelling personal spotlight. It looks like the wire's mainly tangled onto them and not the fathier, so that would be a good combo to ditch the ride and escorts. Where do they go from here? Who knows, but I'm hoping for that DJ confrontation soonish. At the very least, BB-8 should show up again somehow.


GM: You crash out into a street, where luxury hovercars are parked—
[SFX]: clop clop
[SFX]: Crunch!!
Rose: Were parked!
GM: <roll> The police have picked up your trail.
[SFX]: wzzhh... wzzhh...
Finn: We need cover!
[SFX]: wzzhh...
[SFX]: clop clop clop
Rose: What’s this on the map?
GM: A connecting tunnel—
Rose: We turn down there!
[SFX]: clop cloppity clop {they take the hard turn into the narrow tunnel}
GM: —for pedestrians, strung with low-hanging decorative lights.
[SFX]: clop clop
[SFX]: tangle! {strings of lights tangle around their upper extremeties}
Finn: Well, that was a bright idea.
Rose: You didn’t want to add “driving without headlights” to our rap sheet, did you?!

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Published: Thursday, 21 December, 2023; 01:11:10 PST.
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