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Episode 2401: Fixing the Race


When players try something creative and tricky, it's the GM's job to follow their cleverness wherever it may lead. Don't necessarily just decide it's impossible and say no (although that is a valid response in some situations, when they attempt things that clearly are impossible). If there's a reasonable chance that they might be able to succeed at something, give them that chance and if the dice decree it works, roll with it.

But nobody said you had to make it easy for them! Throw complications in their path. Nothing immediately deadly, but certainly things that might stop them in their tracks unless they think of something else clever.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oooo! I never even considered that the non-kid group might not have expected treachery, assume that they're all on the same side still, and then actively work to make the winning still correct. In hindsight, it's rather obvious that the players would try to still win with what they know, but I really should have thought of that aspect previously.

Interesting that there's some actual greenery next to the track. With how everything else in this casino looks, green feels out of place. Maybe there's other events that are implied to happen beyond the fatheir racing? The center of the loop obviously isn't needed for caring of the animals; there's stables for that. And is that water of some kind? That's somewhat close to an aquarium, so there's a good chance it's got more alien beasts of some kind in it.

Finn, of course, looks to be having the time of his life and can't wait to see what comes next.


Race caller: <roll> Into the straight it’s Kessel Runner by 12 parsecs, Mynock Minute, Hoth Stuff! At the back, Tuna Booze Oil, Bigger Fish, and Let the Bookie Win seem to have given up already!
[SFX]: thud thud thud
Finn: Something’s wrong. Did we mess up by releasing the fathiers early? Those kids are going to lose all their savings!
Rose: Not to mention our bet!
Finn: We need to do something.
Rose: I want to jump the fence and lead the main pack off the track!
[SFX]: thud thud
GM: Er... Riding roll. At minus 4.
Rose: 16!
GM: Your fathier leaps the guard rail. <roll> The herd follows you!
[SFX]: thud thud thud
Rose: And the last three?
GM: <roll> They’re so far behind that they miss the cue and continue running around the track.
Rose: Brilliant!
GM: You’re now galloping headlong <roll>... directly at the side of the casino!
[SFX]: thud thud thud thud
Rose: I always love rushin’ roulette!

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Published: Sunday, 17 December, 2023; 01:11:10 PST.
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