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Episode 2400: Shake Your Tail, Fathier!


Racehorse (or other animal) names are even more amusing to invent than adventurer names. If you want to name things in your campaign, just relax all the rules and go for names more suited for racehorses than humans. Use short phrases, idioms, quotes from movies, Thai restaurant puns, whatever!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Yeah, definitely not an actual race. Even though it looks like they're on the track, there's no jockeys on the other fathiers that I can see. Sure, there can be races without jockeys, but with how large the fatheirs are (and that we've seen them raced with jockeys already), that seems highly unlikely.

And if BB-8's actually able to place a trifecta on those three, I think that'd be the last they see of that money. The only saving grace might be that since BB wasn't on the scene and would need to look up what a trifecta is as well, he might bet that those three come in last instead. Hmmmm. Or maybe if it is a proper trifecta, they'll still come in first by all of the other fatheirs getting shot or scared off by the shooting.

I highly doubt the Sand People would be the group shooting at the fatheirs though. For one, they'd have had to have left Tatooine! That's not to say I don't think there won't be shooting involved; I just think it'll be from the police forces that were ran over in the last comic. Maybe with some sort of flying gunship to drive home how silly this all is.


Race caller: And they’re off!
Rose: BB-8, are you there?
BB-8: Rose! What’s happening?
[SFX]: thud thud thud thud thud
Rose: Grab all the cash you can and put a trifecta on Tuna Booze Oil, Bigger Fish, and Let the Bookie Win. Stat!
BB-8: You got it!
[SFX]: thud thud thud
Race caller: <roll> The field settles with Hoth Stuff leading Bonadan Star, Mynock Minute, Kessel Runner! <roll> Then the pack, trailed by Tuna Booze Oil, Bigger Fish and, bringing up the rear, Let the Bookie Win!
[SFX]: thud thud thud
Finn: This isn’t working!
Rose: Maybe the kids rigged them to win from behind.
Race caller: <roll> <roll> Kessel Runner takes the lead from Hoth Stuff! <roll> Lots of jostling in the middle. <roll> Then daylight to Tuna Booze Oil, Bigger Fish, and Let the Bookie Win.
[SFX]: thud thud
Finn: We better be careful.
Rose: Why?
[SFX]: thud thud thud
Finn: I expect Sand People to start shooting at those last three any second now.

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Published: Thursday, 14 December, 2023; 01:11:11 PST.
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