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Episode 2313: Folding Back the Years


Nostalgia is a powerful force. After you've been playing a few years, players will have fond memories of adventures previously played, with certain incidents standing out. It can be worth recalling those memories during the game, by having new events refer to them, or NPCs talk about that time the present heroes defeated the Goblin King.

If you're especially clever you can weave old events into the current adventure storyline in a way that seems like a natural evolution of what happened before.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh dang, the lucky dice! I really should make the time to finish up reading and writing about Greedo's back story. I think I was about 1/3 of the way through and still had no idea where things were going. If they didn't get used there, this is going to be really silly if Luke actually has to roll some dice later like Qui-Gon did and Force Manipulates something around the same time.

And it sounds like Rey and Chewie forgot to turn off that experimental modulator. Or the other modulator from the Peace Moon was left lying around in the ship somewhere; I think that would also cause weird vibes in time like this. Though a third option could be that since Luke drowned his X-wing, the Force ghosts that were following him around in Episode VI are quietly moving into the ship as the only way off the island. I know that's a comic-only thing, but that could still be something to set up an explanation of or a joke about something else later. Assuming I haven't forgotten about them all being turned into Muppets clones anyway.

And with R2-D2 showing up, would this change my guess to 3/4s correct? Luke snuck out to chat, but it was with Artoo instead of Chewie! Though, why would Luke know that Artoo's in here? Ok, Artoo had part of that map (or figured it out for them? That part wasn't really clear from the panels), but it wouldn't necessarily mean that he had to come along since it was only a part of the map. I guess Rey could have mentioned that Artoo was in the Millenium Falcon as well at some point. Hm, that would actually make the most sense wouldn't it? Luke says something like "How'd you find me?", and Rey replies "We put this map together with R2-D2, who's still down in the ship." Just with a.... detour to the cockpit first, for some reason.


GM: Luke notices Han’s old lucky dice still dangling above the dashboard.
Luke: I take them.
[SFX]: clink {Luke pulls the dice down and cradles them in his hand}
Edgar: Good idea! That’ll give you a Fate Manipulation reroll.
Luke: I go to the passenger lounge.
Luke: Obi-Wan gave me my first lesson in using the Force here.
{flashback panel}
Obi-Wan: Rule One of using a laser sword: Try not to cut off any limbs.
Obi-Wan: This is way harder than it sounds.
{end flashback panel}
Luke: He wasn’t wrong.
GM: You get a weird Force Vibe. The future... the past... all folded together somehow.
Luke: Mmm. Nostalgia.
R2-D2: Either that or you’re re-experiencing the sushi you had for dinner.
[SFX]: < zi squee bezap-bop oomoo-ding-spip pip >
Luke: R2!! They didn’t tell me you were here too.
R2-D2: Typical meatbags.
[SFX]: < bloop ding >
Luke: Yeah, they probably wanted to ease me into it gently.

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Published: Thursday, 25 May, 2023; 02:11:07 PDT.
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