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Episode 2314: Reclaiming Memory


Recording technology exists in many genres, including modern and most science fiction settings. Players will generally expect that whatever is recorded is true - that it really happened as reproduced on the recording. You can mess with this in a fews ways:

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmmmmmmmm! Maybe there is something to the nostalgia angle for the movie plot? It'd be exceptionally difficult to fake this scene using previous movies' images. The Irregulars would have to put a ton of effort into editing the background out from the transparent Leia without completely wrecking the image, then plausibly put it into a scene between Luke and R2-D2 on the ship. This'd also work fairly well for the "wanting simpler times" nostalgia bit considering that Leia was just exploded as well.

Ok, movie guessing time, starting with that assumption a few comics ago that Luke's not done anything so far except try and get Rey to leave. Luke sneaks aboard to see the Falcon again and runs into Artoo. The old Leia message from Episode IV plays after he's been wandering around the ship and talking to himself about things. Luke gets a change of heart from seeing the hologram and actually starts training Rey, or at least goes with Rey back to the Resistance. That actually seems simple enough to be very plausible, especially since that could also fit into any other mainstream kind of movie with an old mentor.

Maybe that's too simple of a summary though? I've been told I way over-think things sometimes, which is probably quite accurate, but this guess could also be over-compensating in the other direction. Over-thinking is actually really easy to do with seeing the movie panels slowly like this. At least with the first six movies, I had some idea of where the Irregulars' plot had to end up!


R2-D2: Anyway, speaking of nostalgia, look what I found while I was defragging my storage.
[SFX]: < pating pip bop pow bip-deep beepop cheep >
R2-D2: I project the old hologram of Leia from Corey’s first adventure. Annie, do you want to do the audio?
Finn: I don’t know if I can recall it word for word...
R2-D2: Never mind, I remember it.
R2-D2 (Hologram Leia): I obviously can’t do this super important job myself. Whereas you, R2, are a superior being.
R2-D2 (Hologram Leia): Get these plans to Senator Binks on Naboo.
R2-D2 (Hologram Leia): Oh, and take 3PO with you. Keep her out of trouble. I know I can trust you and your exceptional skills.
Finn: That’s... not exactly how I remember it.
R2-D2: Well, I knew what you meant.

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Published: Sunday, 28 May, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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