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Episode 2283: Crait Expectations


Due to the vagaries of international cereal name differences, Americans may prefer to think of the cereal mentioned in this comic as Seagrape-Nutes instead.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Allan's not acting suspicious at all here. Nope, no problems at all. I think now if he's really Poe still in the movie and doing the whole "I'm a spy but I can't tell you" thing, this can't have been played that well. That feels like too much nuance for a Star Wars movie now, especially with the previous oddities shown in the movie. Crait is probably a Resistance/Rebel base at the very least; I know there's very little made up name-wise in the comic.

Finn looks to be in much better shape now that he's out of the medical astronaut suit. And hey! Those funny looking panels are back! I always figured they were for some kind of sci-fi radar when I was a kid, and it's pretty cool that the design team put them back in. I wonder if the background people are doing the "trace the lines" action as well.


GM: Let’s go back to the Raddus.
Allan: So what’s the plan, General?
Leia: We head to Crait. There’s an old Rebel base there, still secret. We can use that for a while.
Allan: Crait, huh? How do you spell that?
Leia: Allan, get your head out of the Gazetteer and back in your cockpit. I need you to blow stuff up, not look stuff up!
Allan: I could if we had a target, but we kinda escaped!
Finn: Crait. Looks good. How will Rey find us?
Leia: I’ll send an encrypted message with this secret decoder bracelet.
Allan: From a cereal box?
C-3PO: Yeah! Crunchy Nute Skycorn Flakes!
BB-8: The First Order is shipping novelty breakfast foods across the Galaxy for nefarious purposes? Sounds like Nute.
C-3PO: He’s a cereal biller.

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Published: Thursday, 16 March, 2023; 02:11:04 PDT.
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