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Episode 2284: Rendezvous with Drama


There can be a tendency to want to make new things bigger to make it clear that they're more impressively dangerous. This can run away until things start to get ridiculous. Maybe that's okay, but you can think about other ways to get across the feeling of an escalation of danger.

Things can just get harder to kill. Or more covered in spikes - that always looks menacing. Or more snarly - making them sound worse can also get the point across. More slimy. Just think of anything used to create a feeling of tension and horror, and amplify it.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh boy, now that's a giant ship. Snoke is obviously compensating for something (same goes for Nute in the comic), and this also seems like something that might have had a movie joke made about it as well.

The new Super Star Destroyers look pretty neat. It's a good update to the previous large Imperial ship design. Though to me, they look more like the regular Star Destroyers? I'd always thought there was just the one Super Star Destroyer that was blown up in Episode VI. Maybe this is just a comic descriptor difference. Or it's another escalation from the original movies, like Episode VII, where things need to be bigger or more impressive on some level and the perspective here doesn't allow for seeing the size increase yet.

Now this is a curious situation. Is this meant to be a constant running away kind of movie? Unless the comic is really shuffling things around, the First Order really did just catch up with the Resistance. I know Star Wars likes the underdog winning in the end, but it really looked like the Resistance got the stuffing kicked out of them in their last scene! They've only got four ships now! Where are they going to get any more ships to fight back with at this point? Are we going to have a few more instances of "jump away and get quickly caught" to drive the point home as well?


Leia: Has the fleet reassembled here at the rendezvous point?
Larma D’Acy: The last ships just arrived, General.
Leia: Good. Inform them we’re heading to Crait.
Admiral Ackbar: Proximity alert! It’s an ultrapowerful signal!
[SFX]: shooowwp!
GM: The First Order fleet appears from hyperspace in front of you.
[SFX]: shooowwp!
[SFX]: shooowwp!
Leia: What? We jumped into hyperspace right by D’Qar. The mass should have obscured our ion signature.
[SFX]: Shooowwp!
GM: The final ship is a monstrous, stygian wedge of ominousness which dwarfs the super star destroyers.
Tactical Officer: That’s Snoke’s ship.
BB-8: Between this and the giant holograms, do you think maybe he’s compensating for something?
Snoke: The incompetence of my underlings!

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Published: Sunday, 19 March, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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