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Episode 2212: What’s the Kaboom?


Error dialogues are loads of fun. Any computer interaction in a technological game you run should have plenty of lovely error dialogues.

Remember that technology is frustrating and never works when it should. It's not a magical thing that just does whatever you want. Why should player characters in a game have it any easier than reality?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Critical hit? Chain reaction explosions? Loss of fuel containment? That last one could be very devastating if this "Death Star Mk III" really did need to eat the entire nearby sun to refuel....

To be clear, this is just fun speculation. A pair of proton torpedoes shot up the tailpipe-equivalent wouldn't have caused the original Death Star to explode on their own after all without causing something else to explode.

For the in-game reason, I bet it's going to either be another item that got overlooked in the many, many PowerPoints Galen made, with the power requirements or the (ah heh) timing of firing the weapon being off. There was that whole exchange of no one knowing what would happen if the weapon was fired early after all.

Hmmmmm. After taking a final look over the whole comic, it kinda looks like it's the hexagon blowing up in that last major panel. Seems like we might end up seeing the last of General Hux pretty soon now with that detail. And to be fair, it'd fit so well in the comic with the remains of the scenery from the prior test shot.


Allan: I blow up more of the structure we’re inside! Then we get the heck out of here!
[SFX]: Boom! Boom!
BB-8: I do like the second part.
Unidentified Male First Order Officer 2: Cataclysm Beam ready, targeting D’Qar.
[SFX]: Boom!
{Allan’s X-wing flies out into the dark sky}
GM: It’s funny, the damage doesn’t look nearly as bad from out here.
General Hux: Fire!
[SFX]: KA-
General Hux: What happened?!
Unidentified Male First Order Officer 2: A weird error dialogue popped up. “Metachronic instability”...
General Hux: What does that mean?
Unidentified Male First Order Officer 2: Uh...
General Hux: Fix it!!
Unidentified Male First Order Officer 2: I’ll try turning it off and on again!

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Published: Sunday, 02 October, 2022; 02:11:11 PDT.
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