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Episode 2109: Might Solves a Mystery


Players, if the GM gives you a strange setting loophole through which you could completely destroy the entire campaign...

At least be kind enough to give them some warning before you do so.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

UHHHHHHHHHHHH--- That feeling I had back a couple years ago, finding out that Force Stasis was actually a thing?

Yeah, I'm getting that feeling again here, big time. It's no troopers running beside an obviously frozen blaster bolt, but stars don't just suddenly sprout massive tendrils of plasma without extremely large gravitational effects that Star Wars hasn't been known for. Flashy and impressive light shows? Heck yeah! But those are so much different than invisible gravitational effects which don't look like much in the EM spectrum until they actually affect something.

Are there other possibilities for what's going on? Sure, but none of the ones I thought of felt more likely.

  • Siphoning the star for fuel? Besides taking a stupid long time, why would they need to do that? The Death Stars didn't use fuel to crack planets, and nothing else looks like it refuels in this universe either.
  • Moving the Cataclysm Beam through the star and leaving a trail behind? Equally pointless, and would be an even bigger plot hole than the massive energy beam traveling in the same livable atmosphere as people.
  • Just shooting the star like they did to the planets in the Hosnian system? No problems there, except for the big meta-reason of "what does it add to the story"? Seriously, it can already destroy multiple planets from outside the original system, what would this movie gain by one-upping itself with showing the Cataclysm Beam can blow up stars as well?

Nice to see Ben finally hamming it up as General Hux. If you're not ranting or raving about getting power or other such motivations, are you really being a model villain? Sure, your villainy might otherwise be impressive in scope or scale, but when you're as plain-looking as Hux is, you need something extra to stand out. And of course, it'll make getting your comeuppance a memorable event as well!


General Hux: We’re going to fire a test shot. Take aim at Endor II.
Weapons Technician: Uh... really, sir?
General Hux: We fire in 159 minutes.
Weapons Technician: I see...
General Hux: Get me a report from the closest surveillance probe to Endor II.
Weapons Technician: Online, sir!
GM: Relayed instantly across the vastness of space, you see a fiery beam emerge from the star and extend in the direction of the Peace Moon.
Weapons Technician: What... what does it mean, sir?
General Hux: It means: I have the power to change history.
General Hux: Unlimited power!!!

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Published: Thursday, 03 February, 2022; 01:11:02 PST.
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