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Episode 2213: The Tippett Point


If you want to mess with reality, check out the works of some of the famous philosophers. Some of them have truly bizarre theories on what the nature of the universe and reality are like. You could easily get several campaigns worth of material out of some of them. Imagine an adventure based on Plato's allegory of the cave being the true relationship between reality and our senses.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahahaha! That would be a heck of a penalty on Kylo! And for being like 60 years old, he's still basically a kid trying to be someone else and complaining when things don't go his way. But man though, I'm practically on the edge of my seat wondering about what might be causing this. Is this a team-afflicted effect with the Cataclysm Beam misfiring and causing temporal effects? It'd be just like the GM to sprinkle in descriptive flavor before the superweapon exploded in game and actual bonuses could be handed out. That'd be a comic explanation though, so Rey's expressions in panel 4 and 6 of worry and confusion respectively would need to be from a different weird thing going on. Frame perfect captures of speech could be a thing to show different emotions of course, but that doesn't feel quite right here for some reason. Maybe it's literally just luck that kept Rey and Finn alive? Finn tried rushing in and got knocked out with a shoulder wound, while Rey seemed to constantly be retreating until the ravine opened up. That's reasonable enough for a movie planned to have at least two sequels I think.


GM: Kylo strikes, but to Rey he seems slow and juddery, his sword moving in stop motion.
Rey: That should make parrying easy, then!
[SFX]: Wh-o-o-o-o-
[SFX]: whooom!
[SFX]: kzrzzkzkk!!
GM: Your blades lock together for a timeless eternity.
[SFX]: Kzrzzkzkk!!
[SFX]: kzrzzkzkk!!
Kylo Ren: Something’s wrong here. I should be able to defeat you easily.
Rey: Keep telling yourself that.
GM: Reality itself shudders as time resumes its flow, your swords bouncing apart.
[SFX]: whooom!
[SFX]: wh-o-o-o-
GM: Rey’s heightened temporal sense gives her another +1 on combat rolls.
[SFX]: wh-o-o-o-
Kylo Ren: What’s going on? Are you carrying some bizarre advantage into battle?
Rey: The advantage that I’m not a watered-down Vader wannabe!

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Published: Tuesday, 04 October, 2022; 02:11:05 PDT.
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