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Episode 2117: Camera Obscura


As a GM you often have reams of backstory on significant NPCs and events to flesh out your world, which the players might never encounter or learn about. So take every opportunity to insert details when you can!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Video cameras tend to either not point in the right direction or get shot as well. Though since we've already had surveillance cameras show up in the movie, it does seem odd that the First Order doesn't have any around their base. Maybe they're just used on the perimeter? Alternatively, hacking the cameras is always a possibility, if a rather unlikely one for an escaped prisoner with no droids around to lend a hand.

Hey wait a minute, that's from the podracing scene in Episode I isn't it? That's an impressive flashback, and I like the way it sets up Jabba as the former big arms dealer for the Galaxy instead of being some large slug crime lord on a sand planet. Nice to see him make a reappearance even from beyond the grave. Not that he's got a grave.


GM: Sally, what’s Kylo Ren up to?
Kylo Ren: I stalk the corridors broodingly.
Trooper: Sir! Sensors triggered in hangar 718. We’re searching the area.
Kylo Ren: What sort of “sensors” don’t actually sense exactly where someone is? A simple video camera would do!
Trooper: We suspect Jabba may have cut a few corners during construction.
{flashback sequence}
Diva Shaliqua: Hey, Jabba, nice superweapon you built us. We need another one.
Jabba: You tried to blow me up! Sensual, but fatal!
Diva Shaliqua: Oh, we knew you’d get away. That’s how much we respect you.
Jabba: What happened to the first one?
Diva Shaliqua: The Rebellion blew it up.
Jabba: O sweet irony! It drips on the cold dish of revenge like fudge sauce!
Diva Shaliqua: Here’s payment for the first one.
Jabba: Very well! I shall construct for you a more expansive, more cataclysmic superweapon than previously thought possible!
Bib Fortuna: {in background} Hmmm. I better report to Mon Mothma.
Jabba: Though if you’ve shortchanged me, my blood will boil. Expect some corner-cutting.
Diva Shaliqua: Eh. It’s a military project. Nobody will ever notice.
Jabba: Not that I have blood.

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Published: Tuesday, 22 February, 2022; 01:11:07 PST.
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