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Episode 2118: Silver Lining


Jogging is in that weird middle ground between marching and running somewhere on the double. It conveys a sense of slight urgency, but without being too urgent.

Honestly, if you're an evil overlord, one of the rules should be "No jogging!" You want your minions to either march ominously and militarily, or run.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah! Yes, the GM really should have seen that coming. On the other hand, this is a large military installation and even Pete shouldn't be able to get away with just waltzing into the command room and taking over unnoticed. And with Kylo Ren stalking around, I bet we're bound for another clash at some point, potentially with an Episode IV callback of some kind. Kylo might be too angry to properly catch Rey in Force Stasis this time as well, so we could have a proper shootout. There's plenty of options for the GM to counter or redirect Pete's actions without becoming too obvious about it anyway.

Hmmm, with all the door-like lighting on the walls, I'm a bit surprised the base hasn't gone into lockdown in the general area to prevent just this kind of sneaking around. Sure, doors can be hacked open if they're electronically secured, but the security system should at least know if a door is open or shut. Maybe General Hux hasn't been informed yet; that would be the kind of better, but boring, no-nonsense solution to recapturing a dangerous prisoner that Ben/Hux might think up. Though, if Hux hasn't been informed, maybe Rey can get a surprise attack off on him if she gets to the command room. That would be a fitting end (in-comic anyway) to claiming he's got unlimited power.


Diva Shaliqua: We knew you’d be here at the Boonta Eve race as usual.
Jabba: I still haven’t made back what I lost on Han Solo’s bad tip 32 years ago! I even briefly turned to a life of crime on Corellia.
Diva Shaliqua: You’ll be lining your pockets in no time as a respectable businessbeing. In the arms construction industry!
Jabba: I shall cleanse my pneumostomes with Daruvvian champagne!
Diva Shaliqua: (Offer contingent on you having pockets.)
{end flashback}
GM: Rey, you watch a trooper patrol jog down a corridor.
[SFX]: trot trot trot...
Rey: Looks like they’re on alert.
Rey: I head back down the way they came.
[SFX]: trot trot trot...
GM: Are you looking for a hangar?
Rey: Why would I do that? I’m free, I’m not a droid so Nute can’t infect me, and I’m on the Peace Moon.
[SFX]: trot trot...
Rey: I start looking for the command room.
GM: Ohhh... I really should have seen that coming...

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Published: Thursday, 24 February, 2022; 01:11:03 PST.
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