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Episode 807: Control and Chaos


The thing about PCs is that they're always (more or less) under the control of their players. A player can choose for their PC to become enraged and out of control, or can choose for them to remain calm and collected. But even when the player chooses to have go "out of control", the player is still in charge of their actions.

Unless you introduce some game mechanics to make the PC do random angry stuff. Several games have a "Berserk" mechanic, which allows PCs to be truly so enraged that the player really has no control over what they do. Often triggered by combat, the afflicted PC will, at either the discretion of the GM or by the whims of random dice rolls, continue attacking anything within sight, possibly including allies, even if circumstance dictates that withdrawing from the attack or accepting a surrender is the more sensible option.

Such a Berserk trait is usually treated as a flaw or disadvantage in the game mechanics, meaning you can get additional positive abilities for it.

But seriously. A disadvantage that makes you attack more?? No disadvantage at all!!


Han: I shoot the guards!
Luke: Wait! We had things under control!
Han: I shoot the surveillance cameras!
Chewbacca: Would a Wookiee-gram do this, you feebleminded fascist farm animal? {shoots guards}
Han: Ya gotta learn, kid. Chewie's never really under control.
{fight ends}
Chewbacca: Right you are, my good fellow.
Chewbacca: Now, shall we carry on and rescue this Senator? I find this scene of carnage distasteful.
Luke: Chewie's never really under control??

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Published: Sunday, 18 November, 2012; 02:11:01 PST.
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