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Episode 806: Show Some Restraint


It's good to give your NPCs a personality, so they're not just one-dimensional mooks that the PCs blast their way through without getting any hint of individuality.

Lieutenant Shann Childsen is a case in point. Canonically in the Star Wars universe, Childsen is a species-ist bigot and bully. See, you totally get that from the nuance and inflection of his two lines in the film! What a great character!


Chewbacca: Aha! I finally have these restraints suitably loosened.
Han: What are you doing? Put them back on! How are we supposed to be inconspicuous with nobody in handcuffs?
Chewbacca: As much as I detest sparring, our situation may lead to some form of martial engagement, in which having my hands free would be somewhat advantageous.
Han: Okay, give them to me. I'll wear them.
{lift door opens on to guard room}
Lieutenant Shann Childsen: Where are you taking this... Wookiee-gram?
Luke: Uh, officer party in meeting room 1138.
Lieutenant Shann Childsen: What? I wasn't invited? Again? Let me check up on this. {turns to intercom}
[SFX]: SMACK! {Chewbacca whacks a guard across the room}
Chewbacca: I am not a Wookiee-gram!

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Published: Thursday, 15 November, 2012; 02:11:02 PST.
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