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Episode 2079: Got a Dameron


Twins! They're the perfect answer to almost every story writing problem. Just look at how many awesome and totally not overused tropes there about them.

Twins are very common in fiction. The percentage of people who are twins in fiction is probably something like 10 times as much as it is in real life. So this just makes it perfectly justifiable to use them in your stories... or roleplaying adventures!

Just take any of the twin tropes linked to above, add genre-appropriate plot elements, stir briefly, and Bob's your uncle. Instant adventure plot!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

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Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, and I see the Irregulars had the same thought about The Shire. I wonder if this was filmed in New Zealand as well; there are a ton of nice landscapes over there. I know there's some amazing things that can be done with large screens and filming these, but there's still something that feels missing now and then when the aerial views are completely digital.

And uhhh. Allan? Really? Hmmm. Maybe he's got amnesia or something? This wouldn't be the first time Jim's played a character with that, and it was just a comic plot bit then. On the other hand, Allan does look like they're scolding BB-8 for making a mistake of some kind. Plus, Allan seems to look a lot better than Poe did when he made his "escape". It's only been, what, like a day or two since then? Not to mention there's the whole increasingly unlikely sequence that Poe would have had to go through to get here. Surviving an ejection? Perfectly fine, and I already think he's done that. Surviving the desert? Finn did that too, so good. Getting off Tatooine unnoticed with hostile ships flying around and scanning the system? That's less likely, though Rey and Finn would have provided a decent distraction just by being the focus of the First Order at the time. Immediately joining back up with the Resistance? Ok, that would technically be the end goal to start spying, but should have taken some time to occur. Making a sudden reappearance that just so happens to be perfectly timed here? That'd be really lazy writing to reintroduce a character without any explanation. On the other other (first?) hand, the comic text doesn't closely follow the movies (sometimes even being completely way out there) and I don't remember the actual movies I have seen well enough to remember if a plot point of "Poe's just suddenly back now" would be of the same quality.

I'd comment more on the wrong color scheme X-wing, but I'm still trying to decide if this really is Poe or a twin named "Allan" of some kind.


GM: The Resistance base is abuzz with activity. Chewie and Zeppo head off with Leia.
GM: Finn has never seen such a whirl of purposeful urgency.
Finn: After all that’s happened I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.
GM: BB-8, you see someone familiar climbing out of an X-wing. It looks like Poe!
BB-8: What? Really? I race over!
BB-8: Poe! Poe!
GM: Go ahead, Jim.
Allan: What? Poe? Where?!
BB-8: Uh. You! You’re Poe!
Allan: Oh, you’re obviously confused. I’m not Poe. I’m his twin brother, Allan. Allan Dameron.
BB-8: Oh... Poe never mentioned a twin.
Allan: Just wait until you see us together!
BB-8: Uh...

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Published: Thursday, 25 November, 2021; 01:11:02 PST.
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