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Episode 2078: Welcome to the Jungle


Nowadays there in an abundance of printed and digital maps that you can use for your games. You can lay them out on the table or display them on a digital tabletop for use as battle maps, showing hexagons or grid squares for regulating character movement. Or they can be larger scale maps useful for showing the layout of towns, countryside, continents, even whole worlds.

One issue is that a map tends to illustrate one specific location, making it difficult to reuse unless the heroes happen to revisit the exact same location. You don't want to spend time and/or money collecting maps and having them become useless after a single session.

You could of course simply reuse them and handwave the fact that the Greasy Dwarf Tavern in Deepwater has an identical floorplan to the Green Unicorn in Wyverndell. But that's no fun.

Instead, you can cut your maps into pieces and rearrange them to produce new-looking locations!* Either physically with scissors, or digitally using an image editing program (depending on the medium of your maps). As a bonus, it's fun!

* This is the principle behind geomorphic map tiles, which themselves are another solution to this problem of reusing maps. Several companies and independent game publishers produce and sell such things, and it's easy to find dozens with a search.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hm, there's that "timey" feeling again. I wonder if that's an Irregular plot point or a movie plot point. Either way, I've been feeling off and on that there's a lot of call-backs to the previous movies, so now I'm thinking that this is going to be a repeat of the end of Episode IV.

So let's try and guess how the movie could go if we're going to have a close repeat. The New Peace Moon (whatever its real name is) is going to try and vaporize D'Qar, but it's not in the system for the slow travel around the gas giant aspect. That'd mean the Resistance will need to go on the offensive outside the current system, maybe before D'Qar travels out from behind its parent star and into "view" of the Peace Moon to continue the "bigger and better" aspect of the new movies. Oh! And the Resistance could get through any possible blockade if they manage to replicate the prototype hyperdrive and install it on their fighters! That'd be an excellent way to use that gun before the movie is up that still fits with the Star Wars motif of cool space fights. And the First Order can either get the Resistance location from Rey or from Finn with a deal to not kill Finn while he's on the planet as well, so tracking the Resistance is also covered. The only problem is actually destroying the Cataclysm Cannon Beam and/or the New Peace Moon; no one's mentioned any build plans like last time so far. Maybe Kanata came with them and will be explaining a weak point later?

Corey forgets that there already was more than one jungle world: Yavin 4, Endor's forest moon, and Takodana. Granted, Endor's moon is more of an ice world now, but that just means we've got two of those then. And from the last panel there, this looks more like The Shire got a delivery of satellite dishes and foggy weather instead of a moist and forested jungle. Anyway, a planet with its own asteroid belt sounds pretty cool, if only probable via science fiction. I wonder how visible it'll be in future ground shots; that could make for some nice panoramic shots if we can see it again.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


Leia: Two billion?
Chewbacca: Yeah. And we never saw our melding mecha’s two NPC pilots again.
C-3PO: Pete got the individual giant robot he wanted, but his character was injured.
Chewbacca: I had to take charge. And that’s when Sally really started—
GM: Hey everyone, that was Pete. He says he’ll be a bit late—something up at work—and we should start without him, since Rey’s captured anyway.
GM: Everyone ready?
GM: Returning to the Resistance base in the Millennium Falcon, you feel... The heavy weight of time, as though history is about to repeat itself somehow.
GM: The base is on D’Qar, a jungle planet.
Zeppo: So, like Yavin 4 again?
GM: Uh, no, it’s totally different! It has... an asteroid belt!
BB-8: Wait, there’s more than one jungle world in this galaxy?
C-3PO: Someone really wanted to use their Jungles and Jumanjis geomaps again, didn’t they?

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Published: Tuesday, 23 November, 2021; 01:11:04 PST.
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