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Episode 2034: Some of Them Want to Flee, Confused


Back in the comments for #2027 we mentioned some ways to handle visions in a game. A reader wrote to suggest two other possible ways of handling visions:

Visions not related to the PCs. For example: Players might get visions about the past of a location they're currently visiting. They can move around in the visionscape and observe things, but are not really there so can't interact with anything. This could be a great way to provide insight into an NPC's motives, or a clue for a murder mystery.

Visions of a possible future. Describe some grisly fate that's yet to happen, like the players succumbing to traps in the villain's castle. The players will obviously want to use this to avoid the traps; but maybe the vision is a bit hazy, or the castle has many almost identical corridors, so it will take some observation to pick the safe(r) one.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ouch; a six-way split. And everything happened quite organically or by random chance too. And of all people to make the final split, I wouldn't have guessed it'd ever be Pete. Until some droid or alien shows up and manages to start splitting itself, I think we've finally hit the current splitting limit for the group.

End of session, so time to try and guess how everyone's going to join back together (more or less).

  • Let's see, Han/Yanni and Chewbacca are obviously going to get back together on the Falcon; total gimme. 100%.
  • BB-8 will likely somehow go back up the stairs to rejoin with Han/Yanni before he leaves the Bar; 90% sure, 10% he'll follow Rey into the forest instead.
  • Rey wandering through the forest for a bit before stumbling back to the ship; 80% sure, with 10% that she sneaks aboard and 10% stealing a different ship instead.
  • Kanata might decide to tag along, but is also just as likely to stay on the planet at the bar; 35% chance of coming with them to see the map, 65% staying at the bar.
  • Finn's going back to report to Kylo Ren and Hux, or maybe just talking to them through a communicator, before finding Poe again to go join up with the main Resistance group and continue spying; 5% and not 0 as I'm only counting Poe as actually dead once Episode VIII starts. 95% something unpredictable.
Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


GM: Where are you going?
Rey: I run out of the bar and into the forest.
Rey: I... want some time alone to think about this.
GM: That’s great roleplaying Pete. I suppose that makes it worth splitting the party into...
Chewbacca: Five.
Yanni: Hey, it’s not my fault. I’m still sitting here in the bar, waiting for the drinks.
Chewbacca: Or six if you count Ren and Hux.
GM: Let’s call it a night. I’m going to need some time to plan the next session.
BB-8: What do you do to plan for upcoming sessions, anyway?
GM: Weep, mostly.

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Published: Thursday, 12 August, 2021; 02:11:02 PDT.
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