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Episode 832: Divors Alarums


The party is never so split that you can't split it further.

If this involves independently moving disembodied body parts, all the better.


Leia: Thank god we've ditched those bozos. Let's get out of here!
Luke: But...
Luke: Actually, good point.
GM: Okay, you've successfully split the party into... four groups. Troopers emerge behind you.
[SFX]: Pow!
Luke: R2, directions!
[SFX]: Pow!
R2-D2: Up the ramp, through the door, and across the Gungan Divorium.
GM: A deep ravine yawns in front of you. There's a bridge...
Luke: Great!
GM: ... which is also unfinished.
Luke: Whoa!
Leia: I close the door behind us.
Obi-Wan: This section was designed by Pete, wasn't it?
R2-D2: No, if I'd designed it, the bridge would now be retracting into the wall.
GM: Troopers appear on a diving platform above you and start shooting.
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
R2-D2: See, that's more like me.

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Published: Tuesday, 15 January, 2013; 02:11:02 PST.
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