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Episode 1993: Weak Unclear Force


You can imagine a character with some sort of mystical ability that just lets them be right whenever they do something random. Not sure which door to pick to escape the deathtrap, as opposed to releasing the vicious hounds? Just pick one - it'll be right!

This could get a bit overpowered if you have a lot of situations that come down to choosing stuff randomly. So to mitigate its usefulness, you just need to engineer things so that the choices aren't quite as random as the player thought. Break the symmetry. Instead of two otherwise indistinguishable doors, make one wood and the other iron. Now the player has to choose one or the other described by appearance, rather than randomly. The hounds are behind the wooden door, because scratching at iron would hurt their claws.

So now, in order to make their choice more "random" the player may insist that their character be blindfolded and spun around until dizzy, and then they'll stick a finger out and point at a door at random.

The correct way to handle this is to let them be blindfolded and spun around until dizzy... at which point the houndkeeper behind the other door opens it and lets the vicious hounds in. Hilarity ensues!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

... this... I mean... but... blargh1!

Ok. So if you've got an area that does not match reality, a strange new drive modulator that should be able to take you someplace "else", and "the Force" as a guide into the unknown and unknowable, then it makes a lot of sense that, hey, here's a strange new section of the universe not normally accessible. Maybe hidden in a collapsed dimension somewhere; maybe off a hyperspace bubble (Schlock Mercenary, when the Andromeda attack resulted in the Milky Way being isolated and almost destroyed) or something. Maybe this is what all that strange research in the past movies campaigns was all about.

And when you have more than one location to go to? Split the party. Always split up, you can do more damage that way.

So let's give this some thought. What if: What if this drive modulator really is access to a new region of space?

Well, let's see. We had that person in the desert with that new drive system sub-plot-hook. We've had all the stuff about the Dune-style sandworms and navigation guild. We've got a new section of space that can only be accessed by Force sensitive people, and the Empire doing everything they can to wipe out all the other Force sensitives, giving the official military exclusive access to this new region, and the massive hunt for the one person that can get there without their authority.

Sheesh, this actually makes sense.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

HMMMM. Ben gets a note but doesn't immediately share it. Very Curious.

And this makes complete sense to me for why the Resistance went to so much trouble sending Rey to find an old experimental hyperdrive. If they suspect that Luke might not be in the Galaxy anymore because there are wandering star systems out there, some of them might be headed out of the Galaxy or something and they would need a way to travel there.

Of course, this presumes the Resistance doesn't request the modulator for study in order to try and use the design in other ships. Not counting any benefits from finding Luke, this could make a huge difference in the battle tactics used. Hmmm, Hux obviously knew about the modulator (assuming he says something similar in the movie), so it wouldn't be a stretch to think that there's old plans available for it. Kylo Ren might demand they dig that project out again and use it on the bad guy ships (in spite of the apparent risks) to try and brute force a search for Luke or for Rey.

Barring the regular issues that come with splitting any group up, there are only three Force-sensitive people that could make this group split work at the moment. One's missing, one is already here with the group, and the third is more likely to throw a tantrum and kill everyone. Unless we're going to get a surprise Force-sensitive person from somewhere else as yet another character (upcoming good guy played by Sally perhaps?), I think they're all sticking together.


Chewbacca: So the map’s useless?
Rey: Did Luke explore some region outside the Galaxy?
BB-8: Is that even possible?
GM: Not as far as you know. Ben, a note.
Finn: The new hyperdrive! Maybe that can take us into unexplored space?
BB-8: Even if it could, which direction do we go?
Yanni: We just pick a direction! We’ll use the Force.
Finn: That’s not how the Force works!
Rey: I mean, it kind of is...
Rey: I relax and let the Force guide me to try to get a feeling for where we should go.
GM: <roll> The feelings are too indistinct. You’re drawn in multiple directions, each vaguely defined.
Yanni: We split up!
GM: That’s not what I meant!

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Published: Sunday, 09 May, 2021; 02:11:09 PDT.
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