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Episode 1994: You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Aim


Going to a bar is the solution to surprisingly many problems in a game.

Need new adventuring companions? Meet them in a tavern. Need to mingle with the locals and gather rumours about the dungeon outside town? Do it in the local alehouse. Need to find the gang of ruffians who have been terrorising the villagers? They'll probably be hanging out in the pub. Need to come across a mysterious stranger who sits in a corner, face hidden by a hood, smoking a pipe? Try the taproom of the local inn. Need to relax after a hard day of adventuring, and perhaps get into a fun brawl? Need we say more?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

We don't know for sure that the First Order is going to strike the base, that's something Wedge supposedly said. Or so claimed Xasha Yanni and Chewbacca. That'd count as not knowing for sure as this is practically fourth hand info at this point. This would definitely be something a tabletop group would argue about, but from the pictures, it looks like they're still mostly in awe about the holographic map.

I'm a little disappointed in the GM, this would be the perfect setup for an expectation twist with a side of "who's on first". Maybe it's for the best though; Jim is already enough to try and work around with his geophysics knowledge. Adding Pete in with his Bar expertise could be a little too much work to balance from a gaming munchkin looking to get any benefits he can.

I give it 50-50 odds that this ends up being Poe somehow instead of a new character that Sally plays. No clue how this would work out in the slightest, but we still never found the body right? And it wouldn't be the first time that Jim had a character not actually die without him immediately knowing the outcome.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

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Rey: Let’s work the problem, people. Let’s not make things worse by guessing. What do we know?
BB-8: We can’t go to the Resistance base, because of the possible First Order strike.
Yanni: So we go to a bar somewhere and relax until we hear some news.
Chewbacca: I may have a slightly better option.
Chewbacca: I know of a man by reputation. He’s personally travelled more of the Galaxy than anyone else. If anyone knows where to find the area shown in this map, it’s him.
Yanni: Great! Where does he hang out?
Chewbacca: Takodana. In... a bar.
Chewbacca: Why do you do this to me?
GM: I didn’t know he was going to suggest going to a bar!
Rey: Yeah. 95% confidence isn’t knowing for sure.
Yanni: I’ll get one of those drinks with a flaming umbrella!

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Published: Tuesday, 11 May, 2021; 02:11:10 PDT.
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