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Episode 1988: Spaghetti Wiring: Rig a Phoney Fuse, Silly


Fuses blowing is a sign that something is wrong with the equipment. So you can use the blowing of a fuse as a signal to players to take a closer look at something.

If they try to fire a huge weapon and a fuse keeps blowing, maybe they'll get the hint that perhaps they shouldn't be trying to so hard to fire it. Because, you know, it's probably highly explosive if something goes wrong.

When they do it anyway, you can say you gave them fair warning.

Alternate title for this strip: OSHA Kosher, But Gaucher.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

AHHHH! Why would you do that! Bypassing fuses is such a bad idea! They're there to keep more important things from breaking! Ok, yes, battleshorting is a thing, but that's only meant to happen when the risk of equipment damage from not having power is greater than potentially damaging it with power! It's a wonder the ship hasn't fallen apart sooner if most of the repairs look like this.

To be fair though, the experimental hyperdrive modulator that was installed doesn't seem to have the same set of safety guidelines the Falcon originally had. Hyperspace jumping from inside a spaceship would definitely not be in my guideline manual, so I'm thinking that we're not going to be seeing much difference between a horribly wired ship and a partially experimental one. Rey can have a properly fixed ship, Yanni can have a ship that's just as much a danger to the crew as everyone else, and it can be the same ship! Everyone gets what they want!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Bypass the fuses. Of course they bypassed the fuses. This explains why everything keeps blowing, instead of being protected by a device with the job of protecting other devices.

I think I realize what Han is doing. He's made sure that if anyone else attempts to take the ship, it will break down, and be unfixable; meanwhile, he either knows how to avoid the breakdown, or how to fix it if it happens.

This is a strange form of theft insurance. No one will dare steal from him because no one else can safely operate the thing.

The scary thing? This almost makes sense.


Rey: I inspect the fuse box carefully.
GM: You see a tangled mass of wires. Repair roll, at -2.
Rey: 13.
GM: You discern that the wires are soldered to bypass the fuses.
[SFX]: Yank!
[SFX]: kzzzt...
Rey: {brandishing the mass of wires at Yanni} Did you do this?
Yanni: They kept blowing, so I fixed it!
Rey: Well maybe with a non-defective hyperdrive modulator we can operate the ship within safety guidelines.
Yanni: Why would we want to do that?

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Published: Tuesday, 27 April, 2021; 02:11:11 PDT.
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