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Episode 1989: Good, Bad, and Nute Troll


Give your players plenty of diverse possible explanations for things, so they can be worried about multiple different things at once. They don't even have to be plausible or believable to a logically thinking person, because... well, you know what PCs are like.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

This is a classic "good news" / "bad news " / "good news" / "bad news" situation.

Now, if this is, as I thought, a case of "Han knows how to fix the problems he causes", then it's still good news. Whatever goes wrong next, Han will somehow just manage to repair with no real "clue" why - because he's really a hidden mastermind only pretending to be dumb.

I mean, just look at his face in the second to last panel. This is the face of someone that knows a secret, and has not told anyone.

Let's go with the hidden mastermind, up against the hidden phantom, in a movie that was identified as playing the part of 2 and 5 in the third installment of the ring cycle.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

An excellent play there by Ben to join up the player knowledge and the PC knowledge. Also very well done in remembering the antivirus code use from a session over two years ago at least. Yanni is, weirdly enough, probably the biggest threat to the Falcon at the moment. Maybe the fiddling is partly why he'd wanted to steal a new ship?

Han's last expression there looks so much like a kid who was caught misbehaving too. The reframing of what looks like a simple scene of '"Hey Chewie, how are you doing?" *Wookiee sounds* "Alright man, just relax and take it easy for now."' into this discussion about Nute works pretty well. Seems like the arm has been bandaged fairly well too after the scary Wookiee grab/hug.

Hmm. Finn's disappeared from the room. I wonder if he's gone to the cockpit to get away from the possibly angry Wookiee or somewhere else to try and discreetly contact the First Order. Everyone else seems distracted at the moment, so this might be the best time to send a message of some kind. Probably would be best to avoid any two-way communication to avoid being overheard though if messages are being sent.


Yanni: I go check on Chewie.
BB-8: He’s over there.
Chewbacca: I’ll be fine. But thinking about the Moon Ghost made me realise it was probably Nute Gunray all along.
Yanni: Huh.
Chewbacca: In which case he can’t be on the Falcon, because of the antivirus code I put into the ship’s computer.
Yanni: So it’s all good.
Chewbacca: Unless he’s discovered a way to circumvent it. He’ll have been reproducing and learning at a geometric rate.
Yanni: So we’re screwed.
Chewbacca: No, there’s a more likely explanation for the glitches in the Falcon.
Yanni: So it’s all good!
Chewbacca: Yes. It seems to have been just you fiddling with systems best left alone.
Chewbacca: So we’re screwed.

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Published: Thursday, 29 April, 2021; 02:31:56 PDT.
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