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Episode 1987: One-Armed Gambit


First meetings are important occasions. For many adventuring parties, their first meeting will be some time in their background, before the present adventure starts. If you start a new campaign with a group who already a group, it's worth delving into their backgrounds a little to explain where and how they met for the first time.

Perhaps some of them grew up in the same village and have known each other since childhood. Perhaps others are relatively recent introductions. Some might have an interesting story to tell.

You can draw up a matrix of each party member plotted against each other one, and insert a "first meeting" story at each intersection. It only needs to be a few words long - you can expand on it later, when the heroes' backgrounds become relevant to the present story.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

This seems like a callback to "Wookiees are known to take someone's arm out of its socket".

So now we find out where Chewbacca and Han, err, Guido, err... "Daniel?", first met. Someday, maybe we'll even find out what name he was using at the time.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I guess that's a No on finding painkillers for Chewbacca then. Luckily, Chewie doesn't seem quite up to ripping Finn's arms off in return. It does look like Chewie's arm is dislocated judging by the position of Finn, so something like that happened in the movie it seems.

I wonder what the rationale to try and re-set the arm in the socket is now that the group has gotten away from the hangar ship rather than wait to get to the equivalent of a hospital. While the First Order is acting more like the old Empire here, there couldn't have been that big of a power vacuum from the second Death Star getting blown up that they could just step in so easily, right? At least, to the point that all of the Rebel facilities are incapable of being used once they get back.

Look on the bright side though Chewie; you did get away from your hostile peers so that's not all down side! Admittedly, that's not much comfort when you almost died and are still in pain, and Yanni probably still has your crossbow, but still! I do wonder why you continue hanging out with Yanni though, besides the familiar thing. Not enough chances to give him the slip yet?

That's a pretty big different in lighting between the first and last panels too, almost like there's a heat lamp switched on or something. The high contrast feels off somehow here, but I bet there's some parts of the scene not shown so I wouldn't notice this feeling if I'd watched the movie first. I would also be shocked if the arm socket pulling joke wasn't mentioned at some point; that would be a great callback to make and Finn definitely looks nervous about something here.


Finn: I attempt to fix Chewbacca’s arm.
Finn: Brace yourself. This might hurt a bit.
Chewbacca: Fix away. Nothing could be more harrowing than that time on Mimban.
GM: You’re not familiar with Wookiee anatomy, so it’s -2 on your First Aid roll.
Finn: Uh, 6.
[SFX]: click!
GM: Excruciating pain runs up Chewie’s arm.
Chewbacca: Aaaarrgghhh!!!
Finn: Sorry!
Chewbacca: No, it’s fine. Far from the worst that’s happened to me.
Yanni: Didn’t you meet me on Mimban?
Chewbacca: And it still stings.

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Published: Sunday, 25 April, 2021; 02:11:08 PDT.
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