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Episode 1986: Spectre in Gadget


Not answering questions is a definite skill, and one which can be roleplayed. To get an idea of how to do this well, just watch any video of politicians being interviewed by media. For example:

Q: "Did your deputy embezzle taxpayer's money?"
NA: "Let me just say that we take these sorts of matters very seriously, and are conducting an investigation."
Q: "Were you aware that your deputy was embezzling taxpayer's money?"
NA: "Many important matters come through my office every day. It's a difficult job keeping on top of everything, but that's what the people elected me to do."
Q: "Did you embezzle taxpayer's money?"
NA: "It's not technically taxpayer's money. Once the taxes are paid, it's government funds." Q: "Okay, did you embezzle government funds?" NA: "It would be inappropriate for me to address questions of that nature while my deputy is under an internal investigation. You're not asking me to do something inappropriate, are you?"

Next time any character in a game asks your PC a tricky question, just try some variant of these examples.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Don't you hate it when your kids take your friend's spaceship out for a spin and things start breaking? Sure, it could be an ancient bucket of oxidation, but this could also be parts finally breaking from the Tatooine escape. As far as I know, there's no nanobot repair systems in Star Wars that would be able to properly repair things in motion. Pete/Rey is doing excellently at avoiding fessing up to damaging the ship as well. I wonder if in-movie Han is complaining about the ship being damaged as well; he certainly doesn't look happy.

In-game downtime is a tricky thing in games since it is, by definition, a period of reduced or no activity. While it's a great time to rest/recover/repair, that also assumes there's the time available to do so. Enemy hot on your heels? People depending on a medicine delivery? Middle of the big race? Probably not enough time for a complete repair; better jury-rig something quick! Really, it's a miracle that the life support systems haven't completely fallen apart in the Millennium Falcon too.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)


The "Moon Ghost", a strange phantom from the first Peace Moon, presumably some sort of menace, will be making some future appearance.

Never mind that the players were there when the first Peace Moon was center stage, the current characters were not, and so the current characters do not know the truth.

The first Peace Moon was campaign 4, and Han and Chewbacca were there. So they would know the truth about what happened. And there was a phantom - Obi-Wan died, and turned into a Force ghost. Clearly, this was the "I will become a greater force" bit - he proceeded to ensure that just enough went wrong that a single fighter could launch a shot directly down the center of a vertical shaft from a shot that was not diving down from directly overhead.

Now, just who owns this ship? Lando? Letter-of-the-moment? Rey? Who did Lando take the ship from, anyways?


GM: Switching back to the Millennium Falcon.
Rey: So if we’re not going back to—
[SFX]: Bang!
GM: Sparks fly from an overhead panel and smoke starts pouring out.
Yanni: What have you done to my ship?
Rey: It’s Lando’s ship.
Rey: I check the panel.
GM: Looks like a fuse has blown.
Chewbacca: Maybe it’s the Moon Ghost.
Finn: Moon Ghost?
Chewbacca: An old legend about the first Peace Moon. Rumours said it was inhabited by a strange phantom who caused odd things to go wrong.
Yanni: Ha, yeah. And we were there when Luke destroyed the Peace Moon. Maybe the Ghost is haunting the Falcon now!
Rey: Or, hear me out... it could just be a decrepit rustbucket.
Yanni: Nah. Ghosts don’t get rusty.

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Published: Thursday, 22 April, 2021; 02:11:09 PDT.
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