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Episode 1927: Mutually Assured Destroyer Action


Vehicles moving around inside other vehicles always produces a strange mix of awe, coolness, and creepiness. The immense shift in scales and the analogy to something parasitising a larger version of itself create an unsettling feeling.

So give some thought to how you can use this in a game. Truly enormous vehicles can exist in any genre - think magically floating cities that are essentially giant transports carrying residents around your fantasy world. Or lumbering wheeled contraptions like the Jawa sandcrawler or even bigger. Add a giant vehicle, and then give your heroes a reason to want to move around inside it.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Plot armor. The one thing that you must have on your mount if you want to be safe. Never let it be said that you lost your kingdom, or your horde, or even your life, because someone shot your mount in the rear. Always be safe, and get real, true, plot armor, as that will let you retreat and heal for the next showdown.

Now, with that said, the ship's armor has been ablated a few times now, with skrapes and skkrrrraaaapes. We have characters hanging on by a thread, and guns that have been shot so they will barely shoot. And... cockpits (panel 3) that look amazingly clean and modern for a 100 year old wreck? Why are we only now getting "Lets fly into the superstructure" when we were heading directly for it last strip? Well, that's minor enough.

Panel 5 shows the long view of the star destroyer. It's big. The scale of the Falcon gives an idea of the size of the thing. And... it's deep in the sand. This thing is huge, and it's buried that far deep in the sand. Now, a big object being buried in a hill of sand is reasonable. We should see a big hill rise of sand going towards the ship / falling down away from it. But look at panel 5. The landscape is flat.

That means this ship did not land on the ground, and get covered. It dove into the ground, and buried itself when it crashed. That means the angle of the ship—we have the engines exposed, angled down, and the ship going down, into the sand—the front of the ship is completely submerged, and possibly not even intact anymore? So the front rooms should be completely flooded with sand, and the secrets of the bridge rooms, which if you remember from the movies were exposed to space from a glass panel that could be broken (sorry, I don't remember which of the six I've seen where this happens - either II, III, or VI), completely lost and covered.

Maybe whatever hyperdrive modulator Rey has is incomplete - maybe it's only the rear half, and the front half, lost and unavailable, has whatever technological secret the Empire wants to stay buried.

Will we see them, on finally ditching the PIE, needing to go inside the sand room to dig out some leftover stuff, like an archeological dig? Or would that be as crazy as expecting a gung-ho pilot, wanted fugitive, generally on-the-run trouble maker to also be a high-end archeologist that has a university job yet still goes out into the field to try to return artifacts and being completely useless?

(Harrison Ford, and Indiana Jones - in the first movie, Indy accomplished nothing.)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, when I thought that the wreck was impressively large, that did not include being large enough or ruined enough for an interior chase scene. Seriously, even though the large cavern we saw before has enough vertical space, it didn't look like it had holes to the outside or other rooms sufficient for ships to fly through. And here the Falcon is flying in through a ruined engine. Even allowing for the fact that there would be damage to the star destroyer from the crash or weather wear from the 40+ years it's been on the planet, an engine really shouldn't have the physical space behind it to allow for this kind of flying.

That said, it's not the first time we've had small ships flying around inside a much larger one. Maybe this was a design choice by the Empire for most of their capital ships. It's a very questionable one in my book; that's a ton of empty space not being used for anything. It makes me think of the Aperture Science labs where looking cool is much more important than practicality. Which, to be fair, is a good way to show how powerful a group is to others that aren't in that group. It's also a good way to demonstrate the decadence growing in that powerful group and why they end up losing a war in the end.

I'd also agree with Pete on this group having armor of both kinds though probably not for the same reasons. The vehicular armor already came in handy in allowing the ventral cannon to be damaged but the rest of the ship to still be in a condition to fly. As for Plot Armor, that's not really something one would have in a hard science tabletop game. Pete is definitely boasting here which came back to bite him before, so claiming plot armor is very presumptuous. That said, we have the benefit of knowing that this is really a story that's being playing out as a comic. It feels much too late in this Episode to have additional main characters show up, so for there to be a Star Wars story here, BB-8, Finn, and Rey must end up surviving and doing something with the sneeze map from the beginning.


GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow! Pow! Boom!
GM: The Falcon takes a hit on the... <roll> ventral cannon! It’s stuck in the forward position.
Finn: I can’t move it! You gotta lose him!
Rey: Hold on tight!
[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww...
Rey: I fly into the decaying superstructure of a star destroyer.
[SFX]: pow!
GM: Pipes and bulkheads rush by in an accelerated temporal blur.
Rey: If the pilot can’t fly like a demon, that PIE’s sure to crash.
BB-8: What about us? We’re bigger!
[SFX]: pow!
[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww...
Rey: We have armour!
Rey: Both vehicular and plot!

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Published: Sunday, 06 December, 2020; 01:11:04 PST.
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