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Episode 1491: GoldenDie, or: Die Another Way


Nominative determinism might be the product of coincidence in our world, but you can play it for good or for evil in a game world. You don't even have to set it up in any special way. Just have a significant NPC introduce himself very succinctly as "John Death", and watch the suspicious reactions from your players.

Consider the following possibilities:


GM: Lando, Wedge, and a couple of other fighters have flown inside the station.
C-3PO: Wedge! You're our best fighter! Lead the way.
Wedge: Right you are, good buddy!
GM: A chasing PIE fighter fires at Red Seven. Sally, you can roll Dodge for Keir Santage.
C-3PO: Oh, oh. 7 for Red Seven.
Keir Santage: Xenia, I can't breathe!
[SFX]: Kaboom!
R2-D2: Well at this rate, Red Twenty should breeze it in.
GM: The squadrons only go up to twelve.
R2-D2: We're in trouble then.

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Published: Sunday, 02 April, 2017; 03:11:05 PDT.
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