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Episode 1492: With or Without You


Driving vehicles through tight spaces is a classic piece of exciting action in film and TV, and can be adapted for gaming use as well. This is a great place to make use of marginal successes and marginal failures on Driving or Piloting skill rolls. If a player just makes the required die roll by one or two points, a minor collision can knock off an unimportant part of the vehicle (such as a wing mirror), without loss of speed.

If they just fail, then the consequence can be damage to a more important part of the vehicle (such as an engine or a wheel), or a big scrape that slows them down enough for the vehicle being pursued to gain some ground (or for the vehicle pursuing them to close to shooting range).

On a critical failure, of course, the opening they're trying to squeeze through simply isn't big enough, and both sides of the vehicle can be shorn off, leaving the occupants skidding humorously along the ground in the remains of the cockpit.


GM: You're still feeling the heat from the five leftover PIEs.
[SFX]: Vreeoooww! Vreeoooww!
C-3PO: Wedge! Green Four! Break formation to split up the pursuers!
Jake Farrell: Roger that, General 3PO!
[SFX]: vvvzooom!
[SFX]: vvvzooom!
Jake Farrell: Just a space-walk in the park.
C-3PO: Lando, stay with Wedge!
Lando: I'm on it.
[SFX]: Bang! {the Falcon hits a piece of the tunnel, ripping off its communication dish}
[SFX]: klunk
Lando: Hey, watch it Nien!
Nien Nunb: Sorry, my mind was wandering. Back to that wonderful time she answered my question affirmatively.
Lando: What question?
Nien Nunb: "Is this seat taken?"

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Published: Tuesday, 04 April, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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